Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Almost Stepped On A Turtle!

My blood pressure has been dropping like crazy the last week.  It's making me feel awful, and the heat isn't helping. : /
In spite of it all though, my dad took me out for a little bit today. We went to another park, it was dead quiet, and cloudy so it wasn't bright. It wasn't too hot either, which was nice. : )  It was the smallest park you ever saw, which is good so we couldn't wander far from the car if I got sick or exhausted. I almost stepped on a tiny little turtle too. It surprised me!  I picked it up and let it go.... it was so adorable!

 What a cutie huh?

Hannah asked  "What are some food items you use to treat ailments?"

I find that some drinks and juices rich in antioxidants seem to help my brain fog, noticed it first when my dad brought me home some acai juice to try.

How about a dare today? I dare you... to hug somebody today!  the world needs more hugs! 

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