Friday, June 17, 2011

Smiles for the POTSies!

Hey ladies! First, forgive me if I forget anything, I am so brainfoggy!
My week was...Challenging! I had a stomach virus and as you guys know, viruses on top of our POTS can be disastrous! However, I was able to have a graduation party that my parents threw for me. It was really great to see all my friends, and even though I was in the bathroom feeling like I was going to puke right before I went downstairs to see everyone, it was fun. I sat in our lounge room on the bed and the girls just came in and sat with me!

The next couple days were just me feeling sick. Not fun, but I think it's finally gone, now it's just getting my POTS re-leveled out.

Tonight I went to my friend's graduation party and it was a lot of fun. It felt great to hang out with kids my age outside of my house! I feel blessed :).

Okay ladies, here's the part where I'm going to be very forgetful regarding your posts!

Rhianne, I am sorry that the Doctors aren't understanding what is going on with you and that your stay was so bad :( Your symptoms are classic POTS! You are definitely going to have memory problems when you don't have enough blood in your brain, at least that's what I contribute it to. You have a nervous system disorder, there's so much more to it than low blood pressure and high heart rate. I think that Doctors get confused with POTS, I don't think too many look for the source (Dysautonomia) so much as they do with what symptoms it is causing. I hope that through their experiences with you, it sheds some light on what really goes on with us sickies! Wow did I ramble! lol. I hope that makes sense ;-). (Just a note: I'm not bashing the docs! They are trained a certain way...We need awareness :)

Logan, I am sad that you are throwing up so much again :(. The Doctors really gotta get something figured out for you, that's not humane! <3 I know though, that God is molding you through this and that there is a purpose (for all of you ladies!), so hang in there. I'm glad to hear that it was only one pound lost this week too, but wish it was zero!

Miranda, I'm not happy to hear that you're not doing so well either! We need a cure all GI pill...For all of us! Ahhh... That stinks about coconuts, but you are welcome. I hope Aloe juice helps you! I will also be checking your zoo video out, looking forward to it :). I love the necklace concept, thats so beautiful! As well as the ring. I love it :) I like to write quotes and verses and stick 'em in my Bible and bring with me when I am going to a difficult Dr's appt. Or sometimes I just flip to a verse that I find motivational, one of my favorites is, 2 Corinthians 4:16-18 (*click to go to verse*).

Tana, we miss youuuuuuuuuu!!! <3

I don't think anyone besides Logei had a question... Which was: How often do you pray? I pray everyday at random times and I try to pray at night, thats a nice quiet time. That's just one of the things I love about God...we can talk to Him whenever, wherever! I am by no means perfect, however. I still have my struggles. Right now I am trying to get into a more consistent routine where I just spend time with God. :)

Whoops, I forgot what my question was...Umm.....

What is your favorite song to listen to when you are in a low place with your POTS?  
I think one of my most recent favorites is Josh Wilson's Before the Morning (*click title to go to song*).

Alright ladies, have a great weekend. Keep'a' Smiling :)

(I will find my sig eventually!!!!)

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