Friday, June 3, 2011

Welcome to Crap City: population us

Check the title? Why do I feel like that you ask? This is so crap, excuse my language but rah! This rehab program is going horrible. I feel worse then I did before. A lot worse. Legit, I can't even sit up properly for longer then say 5 minutes without feeling crap.

My day is simple, I wake up, have breakfast, then shower, go to hospital school, come back to the ward for morning tea, then back to school come back at lunch, after lunch there is something called group, where they do art and stuff, that is my favourite part of the day because I feel the best then, then as soon as I get back from the ward, I have physio and that kills me! I am usually out and about from breakfast to dinner.

I don't/can't do anything in hospital school. I am usually blind. Nor do I accomplish much in group.

And I wonder if anyone from the hospital will read this, I don't care. I don't like my social worker.
You need to stop being so pestimistic and stop thinking that you will be sick for a few years. Stop whinging, your standing test was better then last time so you are already on the mend.

Then he asked me to do a mood test and asked my motivitation level for getting better.

My standing test was a tad better and if they did it any other time in the day it would have been a lot worse.

WTH! Do you think it could be anywhere under 100%?

So yeah, I am feeling like crap. The nurses don't believe my measurement and retake them until they get one they like. I am just like, my pulse can go over 150 on standing, my body temperature does weird things.

Anyway I just thought I would check in. I'll do a big post and answer all the questions when I get home (and get my puppy).

I havent got my sig by the way, I am on a laptop. So bye guys from Rhianne

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  1. LOL, love the title! Got to have a sense of humor about all of this otherwise we'd be in tears all day.

    I had the same BS in the hospital with the nurses not believing the wacky measurements they were getting on my BP, oxygen saturation and pulse and they kept taking it until they got a "better" number. They always say, "oh the machine must be broken" or "oh, you must have moved." Umm... dumbass, aren't you standing right next to me watching me- did I move? NO! Didn't this machine work just for fine for the last 10 patients? YES! So I always ask them to write down the "bad": numbers too, in addition to what they believe is the "good" number, that way I can show the doctor what's really going on. Also helps to get on a hospital floor with 24 hour telemetry, so your pulse is constantly monitored and they can watch the pattern over a few days - the good and bad numbers.