Thursday, June 30, 2011

guest post - Francessca

Hey  its me again  Francessca 
today I'm filling in for Tana  usually my doll posts when I'm sick her name is dizzy dabee if you click the link below it will take you to our blog
where you can read all about me and dabee the dysautonomia rag doll
i don't have much to say so I'm gonna talk about random  stuff
tomorrow is my baby sisters birthday always exciting shes gonna be two
and she can already say my name (Fran -chess -ka)
with a lot of kids my age and adult cant pronounce
shes very lovable and smart

Rhianne's question what helps your tremors ?
 like if my arm is tremoring  i usually use the other arm to hold it down.

 Time to think of a potsie question okay  my question is 
 If french frys are called chips what are chips called ?
weird question but it haunts me

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