Friday, June 10, 2011

A Few Hours Off..

Where I am it's already Friday, but only by like an hour so I thought I'd still make my post!

I do have some good news, I go to my cardiologist on July 1 then I go to my oral surgeon on July 6. I'm already on the cancellation list for my cardiologist since I really need in, but no one has canceled. I think he might put another monitor on me, since I keep having near constant palpitation episodes and I can barely stand. The oral surgeon is just a consult, to discuss how he's gonna do my wisdom teeth extraction.

My appetite is still as good as my one year old nephew. I can can only tolerate soups and small sandwiches without feeling terrible after. My sleep is messed up too, I stay up all night long then sleep a few hours through out the day...I should really get back on a schedule. On Wednesday morning I was actually hungry, so I called my Pap and we went out to breakfast. : ) It was really nice to go out with him for a while, even though it was 90 something degrees at 8 in the morning.

If you've seen my personal blog, you've seen that I'm looking up wheelchairs. I really need/want one that I could use every day, not just a standard one, especially since I have to go out a lot with school and everything. If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment. I was also looking up shower stools and I found this really cool one. I'm gonna see if any where else has it cheaper before my dad buys it, but it's so cool!

It swivels!
I don't really have more to update so I'll move on to the questions/challenge.

Hannah's question: Do you find that you are more susceptible to infections now, than before you developed POTS? I've always had a really weak immune system, so not really. If there's something out there, then I'm gonna get it. Strep throat,  bronchitis and Coxsackie virus seem to love me.

Hannah's other question: What are some food items you use to treat ailments? I don't use any, but I really like my mom's homemade chicken noodle soup, grape juice and Pomegranate Blueberry V8 fusion. I can't drink acai juice because apparently it gives me palpitations. 

Logei's challenge:  investigate sweatshop use in the brands of clothing you buy. I love Charlotte Russe, but I get my clothes at random places, so I decided to research Charlotte Russe. Apparently they are one of the top 5 stores that use sweatshops. There are pretty much no places where I live to buy all sweatshop free clothing, unless you make your own clothes (and that's not happening, I like things that are too high fashion).

Logei's other challenge: Hug somebody today. I hugged my nephew and my mom.

Rhianne: I really hope that the hospital is treating you good! I watched a special on Australia today, just for you!

Tana: You haven't posted in a while so I hope you're doing ok too!

My question: What are some exercises you can tolerate? I know Hannah does Pilates, and the only thing I can do is swim.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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