Sunday, June 26, 2011

guest blogger -Francessca :)

Hello fellow potsies my name is Francessca aka dizzy dabee
heres a link to my facebook!/profile.php?id=100000213605967
I'm subbing for Hannah, not sure if I'm doing this right lol
okay here goes the first question

How do you explain what is wrong with you when people generally want to know?

this can be a toughie  there is always alot to explain most people stare instead of asking
some times i just say that i pass out easily and that i use a wheelchair to get around
alot of little kids get curious and ask pots is kinda hard to explain to them  my sister whose almost two thought my wheelchair was a giant stroller so we called it that and i let her ride on my lap
when explaining to adults i would just say that when i stand my blood pressure drops

do clowns freak you out?
 that's an odd question
not so much anymore they used to but now I'm a fearless certified babysitter
gonna beat up them scary clowns and pots lol jk
i do admit there still kinda creepy
not gonna say what really creeps me out

do you use a shower chair? 

i do use a shower chair and my mom helps me wash my hair (because even that makes me dizzy )
i often thought about shaving it all off and going bald
shower chair works wonders high recommend especially if your like me and have eds (ehlers danlos syndrome ) and your hips dislocate if you sit down in the bathtub

what do you want to be when you grow up and how will pots interfere?

i want to be a nurse in oncology pediatrics (nurse who works with cancer kids )
who better to help then someone who has been sick with an illness
pots will definitely interfere with standing and fatigue

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