Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hello :) Guest Post!

Hello girls and fellow followers!

My name is Erin and I am posting for Tana this week. 
(Tana...I hope your symptoms improve enough to get back to your day to day things!)

Here are 5 POTS facts, so you can get to know me a little better ♥

I was dx with POTS officially in June of 2010

I am currently trying to finish up college and am lucky enough to receive accommodations from disability services at my local university

I have tried so many medications, but as most POTS patients are aware - we are very sensitive and can have strong, awful reactions
Currently, I am on: Atenolol, b12, Protonix, whole food supplements, and probiotics
I have previously been on (for my POTS): Midodrine, Florinef, Metoprolol, and Celexa

I am very "proud" and independent. 
& although I have always been sick (since an early age of seven) I do not like to ask for help
Sometimes I forget that I do have limitations and am not on the same playing field as others...
Unfortuantely, this is still a battle that I deal with. 
I want to do everything

I have come to find that cardiologists only focus on the "cardiovascular" effects of POTS...
Currently, I am working with an autonomic neurologist and they see the whole picture

Other Conditions I Have/Had:
Lymphocytic Colitis
Bicuspid Aortic Valve
Chronic Migraines
Vitamin b12 Deficiency 

(I have also had other weird things here and there...)
...don't we all, ha -

Hannah's question: A hobby I have picked up is blogging. I really enjoy expressing my feelings and having this creative outlet. It is a place for me, my feelings, and also a wonderful place to meet new people :) My personal blog is here

As for my favorite song to listen to when I'm in a low place...I really enjoy Jill Palmer's instrumental music. It is very soothing! I also listen to Rachel Sage (Frost), Ingrid Michaelson (Breakable), Staind (Everything Changes) & anything by them!

Rhianne's question: Funny you ask this, because clowns scare the ever living **** out of me! My mom has always had a fear of clowns and I think her fear was passed on to me ever since I was a child!

My question: Do you girls or anyone use shower chairs? I really need to invest in one, but I was wondering if you all had a preference? I know there are a lot of different kinds and we aren't quite elderly, so input on this topic would be greatly appreciated :)

I hope everyone has a "good" weekend :)


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