Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It Lives!

Hey guys.
I feel like I just completely wasted the last week. I wanted to make some major improvements in my vomiting, and I didn't, but there's only so much I can do about it. Anyway.
I got a surprise the other day.  I bought a bonsai tree a while ago, but when I watered it the water didn't soak into the soil. It ran down the sides and out the bottom of the pot. The tree turned brown, the leaves fell off, it looked horrible lol.
My dad and I replanted it, and watered it for several weeks but it didn't start looking any better.  My dad told me to give up on it, but on the day that I seriously considered throwing it out..  I looked carefully and saw a tiny little green leaf sprouting! 

Several more leafs have sprouted since then, and its ALIVE lol  I didn't kill it... yet. haha.

To answer our guest's question, I use a board that goes across our tub as a "chair"

 The other question: I used to want to be a musician, and well I still do.  But I've been thing about other things too. I was thinking about maybe some volunteer work like the peace corp or something.

Rhianne's question: Laying down in a dark quiet room usually helps my muscle jerks and tremors. 

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