Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Late Friday Post...

Hola Chicas! Blogspot wasn’t working last night, so this is late (This was written yesterday so I hope it doesn't confuse you!)! My apologies J. My week was…um…Well, I seem to be having a hard time remembering a lot of things this week! So, I’m really not sure how to update, haha. I’m not feeling so swell, yesterday I had a little buffet of symptoms, and today I’m a little better but still tired, tummy ache-y and headache-y. I had a Dr’s appointment this morning and it went alright. It wasn’t bad or awesome. Thankfully though, they were willing to work with the fact that I had Dysauotnomia/POTS. I enjoyed that fact. Though we are going to be having some upcoming tests before I get too many answers.

Oh! I remember… I had a Neurology appointment on Tuesday, and the Neurologist was fabulous. He said he doesn’t have all the answers but that he’s going to try and find me an autonomic specialist. I was so excited over that. I enjoyed his honesty and his willingness to step beyond his area of expertise and try and find someone that can help. He’s one of a kind! He was also personalizing the appointment to me. He said he knew the definition of POTS, and he didn’t want that from me…He wanted my definition of POTS (what it does to me), and I also appreciated that because the Doctors that do know what POTS is seem to be under the misconception that we all experience the same symptoms and to the same severity. You guys already know that from experience, unfortunately.

I’m happy to see Miranda and Logan’s posts! But Tana and Rhianne, you are missed <3.

On to the questions we go!

Logan, first, I am glad you are getting back into your music! That is phenomenal! Very exciting to be able to get back into an old passion that you have been able to enjoy. Live it up! I also hope PT continues going well for you! Annnnnd, I hope you continue improving. Every little bit counts!

Your challenge: Investigate sweatshop use in the brands of clothing you buy: I so appreciate this challenge! I wouldn’t have thought of this and it’s awesome that you are bringing awareness to it! I plan on doing some research on it to do what I can!

Miranda, how about them rollators?! Lol. If you find anything awesome, definitely let us know. I hope your reflux starts backing off! I definitely recommend coconut water, and today I had some aloe very drink (juice) when I had stomach pain and it soothed my stomach. It tastes good too! But start in small quantities…

Your question: What are some exercises you can tolerate?: Yes, you are right about the pilates! For the time being, I avoid too much cardio until I build up more strength. Exercising has really helped so much. I’m starting to take walks now, and rode a bike (not a lot though!) the other week for the first time in over two years. Takes time, but we can get there!

My question: What is a skill you’ve developed or a hobby you’ve picked up on since getting sick with POTS? I seem to be enjoying photography lately, and I’m curious as to what are some things you’ve guys have picked up that you can do with your Dysautonomia/POTS?

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~Hannah :)

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  1. I was thinking that because I already have scoliosis and back pain, that it wouldn't be a good idea for me to be bending over a rollator all the time. It would probably just be easier with the wheelchair.