Saturday, June 18, 2011

Who says that you're not beautiful?

To shake it up I am going to start off with the questions.

Logei: how often do you pray?
I don't pray. I am not religious.  Love is my religion. <3

Hannah: What songs do you listen to when you are in a low point with your pots?

Well I am doing this on my iPod so I don't think I can post links and stuff so I will just name the song and the artist and if you are interested just look them up.

Shine on by Jet
Nightminds by Missy Higgins
Lights surronding you by Evermore

I love Evermore. I brought a greatest hits album the other week. I love the lights surronding you film clip with Emily Browning in it.

Yeah I am rambling. La la la. I am delerious, I have a fever.

I also like who says by Selena Gomez but go on youtube and search for the version by Christina Grimmie.

Miranda, did you have a question? No I dont think you did. I hope your nephew feels better soon. Also I know you have been having a rough time so I am thinking of you.

Tana, we miss you! You haven't been well either and you saw some doctor I think.

I know its like a Friday and some people may be like why am I posting on a Friday? And I am like because I can! And I have enough energy now.

It's because this week has been rough. I am really not doing that well. I hate being so, depressing? But oh well.

I haven't been eating really anything other then weetbix and toast. I can't exercise for more then 5 minutes (on a good day). I am just frusated at how much worse I have become.

And I am going back August 1st and I don't want to get even worse.

I didn't do much this week. We had a lot of rain so school was off due to the floods but I went into the learning centre on Thursday.

I did my English half yearly. My English teacher wanted me to do it in the library but I can't walk up the stairs so I was put in this interview room in the front office.

No joke, I did 10 multiple choice question before having a pots attack.

It took me 4 periods to do it. It was like do a bit, pots flares up, lye down, do some more, etc.

But I finished it!

Anyway in the afternoon I met the vision impaired lady for my school district and she was nice. Hopefully I can get some funding under vision impairement.

Friday was a bad day, today is a bad day.

Anyway I need a question, hmm...

Logei and Hannah and you guys always come up with great questions!

How do you explain what is wrong with you when people generelly want to know?

I say my body is like a half filled bottle of water. When I lie down, things are generally fine but when I stand up all the liquid goes to the bottom part of me.

Bye guys,

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