Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bonjour, bonswaeve. asitto, there goes my french

So guess who got out of hospital? After 12 days of torture. I feel twice as worse as I did before I went. It did me no good, except maybe the physio. I did enjoy the physio.

I have no idea what I said in my last post but basically I was meant to be admitted Monday morning, I didn't get in until Monday night and not even to the ward I was meant to. I was meant to be on the adolescent ward but I was in the burns ward. I got told for the two weeks I would get moved to the adolescent ward but nup, didn't happen.

It was just too much. To go! go! go! and when I got there I realised that they thought I wasn't doing the stuff I was meant to, like the exercise, salt, excetra. Because if I was doing all the stuff I was meant to, I shouldn't be this sick. So they did strength testing on me and I did well! :)

In the morning I was at school and legit, I did nothing except sit there and be dizzy and blind and nauseaus. Then I would go back to my room, have lunch, lie down for 2 hours then go to group which was where they did arty stuff and play games. Then straight after that I did physio where I usually started n the rowing machine then did ball and strength exercises.

When physio ended I would go back to the room, lie in bed, be unable to talk and be so dizzy and nauseaus.

I think I mentioned to Hannah that they tried me on an SSRI. I suggested to my doctor them trying Florinef and she said no because I am not old. ??? The first week my actual doctor was away so I was stuck with this lady and I didn't really like her to be honest.

I think I am reacting badly to my new medication, it has given me headaches and I havve thrown up. I am more nauseaus as well. Maybe it will settle down.

I am going back in six weeks. They are doing psych testing on me from what I gather. They believe that my memory issues, blurred vision and balance loss can't be due to pots. They were like "maybe these could be psychological symptoms caused from the stress of being ill for so long."And I raised an eybrow and was like "really? my first symptoms are ones caused from being ill for so long."

It is just frustating. They were like the other pots people they have had haven't been this sick or had those symptoms. POTS CAN AFFECT PEOPLE IN MANY DIFFERENT WAYS AND AT MANY DIFFERENT LEVELS!

It is frustating. But you guys get that hey?

What is the craziest thing you have done because of your dys?
Nothing as crazy as you! Probably just forgetting people I know well because of brainfog. Stupid brainfog!
What are some food items you use to treat ailments?
Just salt really. I eat a lot of vegemite which I think helps with pots because of the high salt levels. I try and eat a healthy diet too. I also don't eat caffiene so no choclate, coffee or tea.
I dare you... to hug somebody today!  the world needs more hugs.... :P   
The reciever of this was my hospital buddy, a two year old. He was from New Caladonia I think. He was very cute and only speaks French. So there is there title explanation. Asitto means sit by the way. He was doing IV stuff through his chest port so he had to stay still but he wanted to party so I was like Asitto and he was like no! and I was like I can't believe I am arguing with a kid in french.
Do you find that you are more susceptible to infection then before you developed pots?
Not really, I guess I am more isolated since having pots. I do find I am more sick with colds and stuff though. I have only had two colds since September but I was so sick with them. They lasted for like a month or something.
The sweatshop challenge
Sounds interesting Logei, not up to googling though. I just woke up.

What are some exercises you can tolerate?
I have a recumbent exercise bike which I can use for about half an hour now. In hospital I did physio where I start using 1 and 2 kilo weights, doing ball exercises and using a rowing machine. It helps! Exercise people. I see an exercise doctor too. She is great.

What is a skill you’ve developed or a hobby you’ve picked up on since getting sick with POTS?
In hospital I knitted a scarf, it is purple. That was the first thing I have ever knitted in my life. When I was getting discharged, I went to one of my favourite nurses and I was like "can you show me how to cast off please?"I had to finish it before I went home.

From Rhianne

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