Monday, June 27, 2011

Make you happy

I think I will start with the questions:

Logei: are you scared of clowns? 
I wouldn't say I was scared of them but they are way freaky. I have a fear of elevators and mice.

Erin: Good to see you on the blog! You did a great job. You asked: do you use a shower chair? 
Yes I do. Well it's more like a step stool actually. 

What do you guys want to do when you grow up/graduate? And how do you think dysautonomia will affect your choice? 
Well I want to be a novelist but seeing that is a pipe dream, journalism or script writing. I don't think I will have pots forever and even if I do, they are desk jobs.

And Miranda, I hope things work out better soon I am thinking of you.

Francessa didn't have a question (I probably forgot to tell her to ask one).  You were a great sub though! :) 

My question is: does anything cause/help with tremors? 

I have had them a lot recently. I scared my English class when I went on Wednesday with what resembled an epileptic fit.

So onto my week:

Well early last week we had a lot of stuff for subject. There was a night information session on Wednesday and  I did pretty well pots wise.

I picked:
Modern history
Society and Culture
Advanced English

This is the first year you get to pick all your subjects so it is pretty exciting. My pots has been good too so I have managed to do a lot.

And yeeeeee, it's my birthday tomorrow. I will be fifteen. 

So this has been a good week. The best in months so I am really really happy.

And I have upped my school days to 4 a week and am returning to my maths class (well returned I went today).

Life is great.


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