Tuesday, June 21, 2011

long week......

Tana! Miss you and hope you're ok!!!
I just saw a doctor (the one my GI doctor wanted me to see), and I was impressed. He knew all about POTS and Dysautonomia, and said that he had seen patients with it before. He was all for IV fluids and such, but he can't actually treat me himself since we were only seeing him as a consult. All he can do is talk to my other doctor, and that just means more waiting. (If my GI doctor does anything at all.)

I had my PT appointment today. I got pretty sick, but it was still fun in spite of it. While I was there they told me about a little boy who was in the pool too. It was pretty humbling. He has some sort of muscular dystrophy, and his body can't produce/use protein correctly. When his muscle breaks down, his body can't rebuild it! I can't imagine how hard that must be to live with. 

Oh, and my dad took me to the park this week. I wanted to share some of the pictures. It was so nice to be out of the house!

Hannah if we get together this summer, we gotta go to this park together (If we're up to it of course.)

 Hannah's question: I just listen to songs that help me zone out!

 Rhianne's question: I usually say a very general summery of my Dysautonomia, like that my Autonomic Nervous System doesn't work properly.

My question, Do clowns freak you out? Random-much I know lol

- Logan

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