Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sorry Miranda- I am Posting on Your Day! :-O

Hey everyone! Last week I felt too POTSy to post! Thank you Francesca for subbing, and sorry Miranda to be popping in on your day, I wanted to do a post before I left for vacation in the morning!

I will start with the questions :)

Rhianne: How do you explain what is wrong with you when people generally want to know?
Good question! It really depends on who I am talking to and how quickly I think they will get overwhelmed. Some people I just tell them my blood pressure is messed up and some people I explain the ANS deal (briefly) and say that it's harder for my body to do the subconscious things that everyone else's does.

Logei: Do clowns freak you out?
This is so random! I love it! And it depends on this one too. Lol. Some of them yes, and some no. I think they'd mostly creep me out if I saw one when I was by night... :P

Erin: Do you girls or anyone use shower chairs?
I do not! I want to get one, but I don't use one right now~ I know this is a POTSy no-no, because of being surrounded in hot water, but I just get in the bath.

Miranda: What do you guys want to do when you grow up/graduate? And how do you think Dysautonomia will affect your choice?
I want to work in Ministry and tell others about Jesus and His amazing love, and help those who no one else wants to help. I feel influenced by the fact that we are some what of "out casts" in the medical area, since most Doctors unfortunately don't understand our health issues, so that encourages me all the more to reach out to those who have a hard time finding a helping hand. All people are valuable! <3.

Miranda, I am praying for you grandfather. Please keep us posted. Readers please pray for her grandfather as well, he is in the hospital :(. <3 

Francesca: If french fries are called chips, what are chips called? 
Haha, I love this question! I love it because I have sat and wondered the same thing! If anyone knows the answer, please tell us!

Okay, on to my week. I actually didn't really re-read (you know how we forget!) you guys' posts to be able to respond to your highlights, but... I am glad to see y'all posting!

This week, well... I'm pretty much very forgetful right now. I go through these periods like this, I had even forgotten I had a graduation party this past Sunday with my family...My dad was talking about a picnic we did on Sunday, and I'm thinking "What picnic?!" Ha. So, yes, very, very forgetful. Last week was a bit challenging, and I had some more challenging moments this week with POTSy symptoms. You know the deal, lightheadedness, tachy, that sha-bang. I've also had some sore muscles and some minor tummy troubles. I am finally almost done my anti-biotic for the UTI's (which was more of a preventative measure until I get more testing done), and the bottle had said it could cause upset stomach problems, and it didn't bother me at all in the beginning, and now it's grossing me out. So, I cannottttttttttt wait!

I am going on a mini vacation (actually, it's our version of a "senior trip") with my parents and a close friend of mine tomorrow through the weekend. I am very, very excited. It's only a two hour drive or so, so that makes it even less stressful than going somewhere three to four hours away like we usually do! The only thing that I really don't like about packing when you're a POTSy, besides having to bend over a lot, is hoping you haven't forgotten a medication or your BP machine, especially since some of those sometimes are last minute things to pack. That leads me to my question, What are your POTSy essentials when traveling?

For me, I'm packing my vitamins, I'm bringing a salty protein purse snack, believe it or not, I'm bringing a fanny pack (if you haven't heard of it, it's like a belt with a compartment/small bag type thing on it) in case I'm to tired to carry my purse (I wore it today to the store with my cooling vest... Yeah, I'm'a start a new trend!), knuckle-cut off gloves for my Raynaud's, and I'm bringing salty and gluten free snacks, plus my BP machine and my 2 liter jug. So, how about you guys? :)

I hope you guys have a marvelous weekend!
- Hannah ( I think I just need to make a new signature! lol)

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