Friday, May 27, 2011

How's it Going? :)

Hello ladies and readers! I hope everyone is doing fabulous! My week went… Good and crazy! I was in the ER on Saturday night, got antibiotics for a UTI, and the UTI made me more tachy than usual which was really upsetting. However, the longer I am on these antibiotics, the less tachy I feel so it’s got to be from the infection. I graduated on Wednesday and it was amazing (It was great to get to see Miranda on two different days!). I was so nervous, but everything went so well! I was able to walk up the stairs to the stage, too! They honored me so sweetly as well, and said nice things about me with how I’ve handled my health condition. It was quite special and I feel so blessed by God. I am glad I went! I am so tired now though! But hey, I’ll take that over a bad crash any day!

My dad and I got me some Lipoic Acid (or Alpha Lipoic Acid, one of those…I may also be misspelling lol), to try! I’ve not tried it yet, so no reviews. It’s always good to be cautious with new things so I’m trying to be strategic about it. I also got some chewable vitamin C, which was less expensive than the chewable I already have for the dosages I want to take. Supposedly high doses of vitamin C helps both allergies and UTI’s (except too high of doses may cause some GI stuff), except you’re not suppose to take it when you’re on an antibiotic for a UTI because it can mess with how it works. But anyway, I’m excited for that.

Today I sat outside a lot with my mom and cousin. I love sitting out in the sun when it’s  not super hot and humid. Vitamin D all the way gals! I also reorganized a good bit of my room (which I seem to do all the time!). So that was nice. I can’t wait to read the books I have about herbs and their benefits and other home remedy type of books. My dad also got me a raw food recipe book, and though I’m not on an all raw diet, it’ll be cool to see what new things to try! So, I got those books in a special little place.

I know all of you ladies really aren’t feeling the best right now, so I send my love and I will be praying for y’all. Keep on keeping on! I know Rhianne is going into hospital soon for two weeks, and you will be missed my dear! I’m not completely sure what’s going on with Miranda, but I do know you are not feeling well either…Tana’s getting blood work today and not feeling so great, and Logei I know is throwing up again L
. Ladies, ladies, ladies…FEEL BETTER! Please? ;-) If only it were that easy, I know.

My answer to Logei’s question (What is the craziest thing you have done because of your dys?): Hmm…That’s a tough one. I’m really not sure I’ve done anything too crazy with it. More so just the oddball stuff most of us do, like sitting on the floor in a store and that kind of stuff.

My answer to Rhianne’s question (What sort of mobility aids do you use?)
None at the moment. I want to get either a wheel chair or a rollator. I’m going to have to keep my eye out for a good deal. Enjoy sticky!

I don’t think Miranda had a question, if I missed it, let me know!

My question… What are some food items you use to treat ailments?
Right now, I’m trying to use honey for allergies and black strap molasses for iron deficiency (1tsp to 1tblsp of each)

By the way Rhianne, I’m planning on using a cinnamon water mixture to ward off mosquitoes! Thanks for the tip!
Until next week my friends, bye!


  1. I didn't have a question, I completly forgot until Rhianne mentioned it when I was talking to her after I posted.