Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesdays with Logan

Well I know it is 2 am , but I have insomnia so I'll post : ) 
 I've had a couple of symptoms all my life, but I didn't really have any noticeable problems till 5th grade. I began having migraines, vision problems, and some mild GI problems.  We just brushed them off, and figured they were no big deal. In 9th my headaches everything got worse, and I started having new symptoms like dizziness, black outs, insomnia, rare muscle jerks, and a few other things too. We realized that something was wrong and I started seeing doctors, but we still weren't all that concerned. After all I was still going to school, church, hanging out with friends, I even went out for track for the first time in the spring!
But that summer I got sick and I've been homebound since. We spent a long time going from doctor to doctor and running lots of tests (sometimes repeatedly). Eventually my primary doctor called us up excited saying that she new what I had and wanted me to come to her office. She explained Dysautonomia to me, and the more I looked into her diagnosis I couldn't believe how perfectly it described everything I had gone through! Having a tilt table test for POTS was wonderful too, getting some answers felt good. Unfortunately, finding doctors willing to treat me or take me seriously has been a bit of a challenge. 

Five things about me:
1.  Jesus is my Lord and Savior, and Dysautonomia will never take that from me.  
2.  I love music!
3.  I love to work out, even if sometimes all my body can handle is pilates or stretching.
4.  I am a tree huger.  Literally.... I like to hug trees : )
5.  I like to watch Veggie Tales when I'm angry. You just can't stay mad when you watch Veggie Tales.

"Which is harder, the physical or emotional toll?"

Emotional... definitely

"What is the best non-drug thing that helps you?"


"What is my favorite relaxing thing to do after a stressful day?"

*guiltily* If I'm feeling up to it I love to cook and bake even though I can't eat solids, and I like to eat liquid cake or brownie batter despite how sick it makes me. I just can't resist!

"What motility aids do you use?"

When I'm feeling bad I use a wheel chair, and often sit down in the shower or use something as a shower stool. 

My question..... What is the craziest thing you have done because of your dys?

- Logan

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  1. Great post Logei :)
    #4 was cute haha. You rock girl!