Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The TanaBanana Story(:

Well, we think I've had POTS for almost two or three years now, but I've only been diagnosed since Feb. Many times Drs. have said I was lying, faking, or just plain crazy, but this disease is about as fake as a BP machine. Here recently I've missed so much school. school is so ready to put me on homebound, because I make them look bad. :( Countless rumors have been started about why I miss so much school. Thank goodness for my two, true best friends (and boyfriend). They stop the rumors in it's tracks. I don't know where I would be without them. At first, people asked questions, and I didn't really mind, but after awhile people stopped asking, or just stopped caring. I guess my biggest problem with this isn't the physical symptoms, it's feeling like I have no control over my own body, and I no longer have a choice in what I can or can't do, and how I go about doing it. This is my story, no it's not a tragedy or anything grand, but it's MINE, and I can write it.
5 Things about me: 
  1. I love toast
  2. I am almost a black belt in Kung Fu (most people don't know that about me, so y'all should feel special :)) But, I had to quit. :/
  3. My favorite number is 6
  4. I listen to literally almost ALL different genres of music
  5. I LOVE Nemo(:
My Question: Which is more hard for you all? Or the emotional toll, or the physical one?


  1. So hey Tana I love your signature. It is adorable. haha apprantly I am off school because I am going round the world planking. :P I love toast! I actually wrote a novel called Toast! (well half then i stopped). you are almost a black belt? Mad, in year seven i got a yellow belt in tae kwon doe.

  2. wow tana we have some things in common
    i loved karate i made it up to green belt in 07 but had to stop because of pots
    never tried tae kwon doe but i bet its just as awesome
    im not a big toast fan but i did fall in love with a hello kitty toaster