Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bad Day? More Like Bad Year

Hey everyone! Before I get started I just want to let everyone know that this is going to be rather short, since I'm feeling really bad again and can't concentrate.

Any who...We just had another really bad storm a little bit ago and it was toasty out earlier (not that I would know). I only stood up once today, with the help of my mom, so I missed College Day at school (which is pretty much a bunch of seminars about college then a panel of my schools alumni answers our questions).

I'm still pretty agrivated at my endocrinologist, that I had an appointment with earlier this week, all he did was give me numbers to an autonomic specialist and a neurologist that specializes in headaches. I tried to research them and apparently they're some of the best on the east coast.

I did make it to Hannah's graduation last night, since I had to sing with choir, and I almost passed out again. It was super hot in the chapel and we were all squished. One thing that really stuck out for me was this woman sitting behind me that asked what Hannah's illness was, and I had to answer her. I just told her that we both have POTS and the main thing is that we can't stand much without our blood pressure and pulse going crazy. I really should write up a little thing to say to people when I'm put on the spot like that.

Hannah and I at Baccalaureate.

Here's a little something for Rhianne (I watched this like last week after like 10 years!).
Banana's In Pajamas

On to the questions...

Hannah's question: What is your favorite relaxing thing to do, after a stressful POTSy day?
After a bad day, which has been almost every day recently, I just want to sleep or watch a movie (an IV would be wonderful too, but that never happens).

Rhianne's question: What sort of mobility aids do you use? As of now, I don't use any, but I'd like to get this one stool for in the shower (it swivels!) and a wheelchair.

Logi's Question: What is the craziest thing you have done because of your dys? (Don't feel bad, I like to eat brownie batter too, and it makes me sick.)

I haven't really done anything crazy, except go through a bajillion and one tests. Unless walking 10+ miles in NYC, then running 10 blocks in 4 inch heels at almost midnight to get to the subway counts. I have no idea how I did all that.


  1. Love our picture...Funny about you having to explain :) Thanks! And I'm sorry you've been doing so awful lately. Hopefully our T-shirts will cheer you up :)

  2. Yes! Lol. Are you thinking what I am thinking B1, yes I am B2 it is kill the crap fairy time! Haha. Oh it's rhianne. I am in our account and cant be bothered logging out