Friday, May 20, 2011

Fridays With Hannah~

Hello Dysautonomiacs! Allow me to introduce myself. I’m 17 and I started getting POTS when I was about 14. It started with “little” things, like feeling as though I couldn’t balance, or I’d start feeling sick and sweaty after standing for too long. I ended up going to the Doctors with cold hands and feet, so they gave me a blood test (the first of many) and they thought I had a disease called Scleroderma. To make a long story short, I didn’t have that. I started going to GI docs to figure out why I had trouble swallowing, and that lead me to my current GI doc, who said he thought I had POTS (a condition I hadn’t heard of… but then again, I hadn’t heard of Scleroderma, either)! Of course I then went to a cardiologist, then got a tilt, and… I got diagnosed with POTS when I was 15. And that, my friends, is my POTS story!
                     Five facts about myself…
        1. I am a passionate follower of Jesus Christ!
        2. I love my vegetables…Especially ones that contain B-1!
        3. I didn’t like Gatorade until I had to drink it.
        4. I love a good art project!
        5. Daisies are my favorite flower because they seem so cheerful! :)

My answer to Tana’s question(Which is more hard for you all? The emotional toll, or the physical one?): I’d have to say the emotional one. I think we could handle the physical pain better if it weren’t for what it does to us and our families and friends.

My answer to Miranda’s question (What is the best non drug thing that helps your POTS?): Okay, by non-drug I can use vitamins, right? Vitamin-wise, I’d say B-1 and a mult-vitamin. B-12 as well. I can notice a difference in how I feel when I do and don’t take them. Also, eating lots of vegetables (which may or may not be a good idea for those with GI problems). Plus, slowly getting into an exercise program. Right now I’m doing Pilates (if anyone out there is looking for a program) and building up muscle strength really does help, especially in the legs~.

My Question: What is your favorite relaxing thing to do, after a stressful POTSy day?
I like to work on a project, watch TV, or talk to a friend.

Alright ladies and readers, I sure hope you guys are feeling okay. <3 :) Have a wonderful weekend! Rhianne is Monday! Let’s get excited :)

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