Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's March Already?

Hey guys! I’m in a lot of pain from my joints today and pretty fatigued; so yet again this is going to be a really short post. I have some pretty awesome news though! We got a house!! It’s so pretty, and it’s on a lot of land so when it’s nicer out I plan on gardening. I’ll have to post a video of how I make it through moving, which will be in like a week or so. I was going to make a video last weekend but I got so busy with Church ministry and house showings, but I’m really going to try either tomorrow or Saturday. 

Onto the questions! Welcome to the blog Christine and Emily!

Michelle R: What settles your heart rate the best? I usually have to lay down, since I’m not on any POTS meds (they don’t do anything and I refuse to go back to my cardiologist, so no meds until I go to Dr Grubb) there isn’t much else I can do.

Christine: Any suggestions for confronting friends who are doing annoying things that bother your dysautonomia? I don’t really have friends, besides the girls here, but when my family is doing something irritating I usually go hibernate in my room.

Emily: How bad is brain fog for you and what do you label as brain fog? Mine is pretty bad, sometimes I get the weirdest looks because I can’t get out what I want to say or I’ll say something totally random. I also think I have dyscalculia (there’s a link there) so that makes it worse when it comes to numbers. I’ll be taking my SAT next Saturday, so I’m hoping that my brain fog doesn't interfere too badly with that. I found this site that has 18 main symptoms of brain fog and I agree with it, here’s the link.

My question: Do you take vitamins? If you do, what do you take? I’ve tried taking the One a Day for Teens, but the pills tasted weird and made me nauseous (which is pretty common) so now I’m taking One a Day VitaCraves which are gummies. :)

Until next week, Miranda

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