Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Going to see Dr. Tinkle in Cincinnati!

I will be going in June. I am also going to see a rheumatologist at Shands. Not sure what exactly she is going to do for me, but I guess we will see.

My heart rate has not been too bad recently, although, my blood pressure has been kind of low at times because I have been blacking out more. It is kind of weird that my pulse is staying between 90-115 while standing though. All of my joints have been pretty bad. Every time I move something is popping or cracking.

I'm still hating school. Everyone is still ignoring me and I hate the class I am taking. Geometry...yuck! I got my report card today and I have a 97 in the class. I just really don't like math. We thought I was behind in credits since I am not taking as many classes as everyone else, but I'm not, which is great!

I've still been doing the stationary bike. My mom and I have been trying to exercise. I don't know what arm exercises to do because my joints are so unstable. I always move them out of the normal range because I am double jointed. Then, I end up hurting myself. Ugh.

My Question: How many of you have joint pain on a daily basis? (knees, elbows, shoulders, fingers, toes, wrists, ankles, etc.) And are you double jointed?
I am double jointed and I have joint pain in all of the joints on a daily basis.

Thanks for subbing for me. :)
What settles your heart rate best?
Um...probably lying down. I am not on any meds for that, so all I can really do is lay down.

Good luck on your SATs!
Do you take vitamins, if you do what do you take?
I take vitafusion/MultiVites. They are gummies. :) I also take many supplements.

Welcome to the blog! :) If you ever want to talk, then here is my Facebook.
How do you deal with a relative who does not understand what it is like to have a chronic illness?
I don't think anyone can truly understand unless they have been through it themselves. I just try to explain it to them and if they don't even try to understand then it is their loss.

How do you manage to go to school all day? I can barely manage being at school for 2 hours.
If your ten year old self met you now, would they be proud?
I think so. I agree with Logan, I think my ten year old self would be scared.

I am with you! I am so much like an old lady. I mainly sit here online, knit, sew, and listen to music. I wish we lived closer and we could knit together. Haha! :)
Do you have any bad habits?
I have a lot of bad habits. I actually have a milder version of your bad habit! I have done that since second grade. I don't ever pull my hair out, but I used to make myself bleed. To this day I still do it. I go through stages where I won't do it and then I will start again. I don't make myself bleed anymore though. I also pick at my nails super bad.

Welcome! Like I said to Emily, if you ever want to talk here is my Facebook.
Any suggestions for confronting friends who do annoying things that bother your dysautonomia?
What are friends? Hahahaha. I barely have any friends. Most of the time I try to ignore it. At family gatherings everyone is loud and it sets off some of my dysautonomia symptoms. I'll get headaches to the point where I can barely see straight, but I try to stay in the room and ignore it.

I hope everyone has a great week!
God bless.

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