Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pretend it's still Saturday! In California, it is... =P

Sorry! It's been a really long day and I forgot I was supposed to post! So pretend this was put on Saturday, okay? =P
It's been a long week. I went to a funeral on Friday. I know I've seen my aunt who died more than three times, but I only remember three. Which sucks, because the second memory I have of her, is talking to her for ten minutes before realizing she wasn't gate-crashing our family party, and was, in fact, a relative. My cousin swooned that day, which was weird because she's never done that before. Keeping an eye on her for now.
"Today" was long mainly because I didn't really do anything. I was resting because yesterday involved a lot of standing, walking, and high emotions, so I was expecting a bad episode today. Surprisingly, my day was rather tame, not including a final argument between my mother and I over her wanting me to start running, even though I can't take the stairs without feeling like I'm going to pass out.

Hello, Miranda-I'm sorry you've been in so much pain from your joints! *hugs gently* It sounds lovely! Thanks! =) Thanks for the links! I'll keep my fingers crossed your SAT goes well. Good luck!!
To answer your question on vitamins-No, I don't. I used to take Magnesium for my migraines, but it made me seriously nauseated. I'm thinking of maybe starting, but I have to talk to my doctor first, so it'll be a bit. =P I used to LOVE gummy vitamins, though! Ohmygosh! Haha.

Hi, Michelle! I hope you get your blood pressure back to normal! I'm sorry you've been so nauseated. =/ Yay! for spring break! I just got done with mine about a week ago. That's on my reading list!! While we're on the subject, I'll throw out The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. It's kinda amazing. That's how I get!
To answer your question on heart rate-Lying down gets it the slowest. I've gone from 145bpm standing to 90bpm in less than a minute after lying down. I also drink G2-MUST be low-calorie, or the sugar will make it worse-and I'll specifically make sure that there's no caffeine in what I'm eating that day, and try to lower my sugar and carb intake. Sugar, because of the rush, obviously, and carbs, because my stomach always seems to struggle more with them, and then all the blood's pooling there, so then I get dizzy and my heart beats harder/faster.

Hola, Christine-I'm sorry you've been under a lot of stress lately. *hugs* Haha thanks for answering! I get all of that, too. It's really frustrating. That actually describes it really well!
To answer your question on confronting friends-I tell them straight up. Do you mean they exacerbate your symptoms, or that they're insulting your Dysautonomia? I have a friend, who once laughed at something that was as far from funny as you could get, and rather horrifying-my mom had threatened to cut of my heart medication if I didn't take the migraine medication that was making me lose weight at an alarming rate because I was so nauseated I couldn't eat. I had asked her if she knew if that was legal, and my friend had started laughing. If you mean the other, type, I just tell them, hey, I have such and such symptom, which makes me feel like so-and-so and your actions are making it worse right now. Can you tone it down/stop until I'm gone? I'd really, really appreciate it because it can make me a lot worse.

Hiya, Michelle!-I hope it's gotten a little more stable at work! *hugs* I'm sorry about the exhaustion and nausea! =( Have you seen your doctor yet about the Ciaspride? I'll keep my fingers crossed you find something that helps. I am very much a list person! I love lists! I always lose them, though, lol. Or I forget to check the list. Thanks!

Alrighty, then. "Now I want some questions!" "Answers, I think you mean answers!" "Answers, yes, thank you. I want answers!" Anyone know what that's from? ^_^ No, but seriously, I think my question is....Let's see if I can phrase this right? How do you deal with a relative who just doesn't understand what it's like to have a chronic illness? In this situation, I'm thinking of my mom who rather doesn't quite believe me when I tell her how bad it is. I've tried the Spoon Theory, and explaining symptoms. I guess she's better than before, but...*shrugs*

You all are in my prayers/thoughts!


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