Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hey guys it's Rhianne posting on a what...Wednesday? I just like confusing you guys. Kidding I am subbing for the lovely Cheyanne.

I couldn't post on Monday. Too. Much. Homework. Not. Enough. Time. You guys know how it is don't you? Anyway, I have had musical practice and stuff on as well. Plus going to the gym.

My current goals:
1. go to sleep at nine thirty and wake up at six thirty (nine hours sleep)
2. Eat healthier
3. Run 2k

Working towards them as hard as I can! My health needs to be a bigger priority then school and I think that's where I have been going wrong. I have been putting all my energy into getting good marks and crap and been neglecting the little pots that live in my brain.

Anyway, I have four flipping assignments due week 2 next term. great.

I've been reading the bible, and all I keep thinking is why did Cain kill Abel? Maybe I missed something there.

The questions:

I can't vomit silently Logan. And ladybug moment haha, um, seeing my guy friend for the first time in months.

And I have gotten better Miranda. So much so.

My question: do you schedule your time?
I am very organised with my time. I am like now I am blogging, and then I a, cleaning
my room. I map out my whole day. I STICK WITH THE SCHEDULE DESPITE POTS! Haha that bugger never going to stop me

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