Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunday on Monday

Hi friends. It's been a good week, yet frustrating week.
I have been feeling sort of blah for the past two weeks. My fatigue is taking over, headaches are increasing, and nasty G.I symptoms. Bummer.

The hardest part for me (and most of us I believe) is when we start to feel good and then all of sudden, we have a bad day. It's SO difficult for people to understand that it's real. Our bodies can change and symptoms can come on so suddenly. It's not laziness, it's not that we just want to sit in our house and do nothing. Trust us.

...I hate that part of POTS/EDS etc

Positive of the week - I went to see The Hunger Games. The book was way better and I didn't like how they changed some of the parts, especially the MockingJay pin. I won't say anymore if you haven't seen the movie or watched the book. If you are still pondering on whether to read the series... DO IT! It's amazing and addicting.


Do you all feel like you are getting worse? No. But, I do get WAY worse during the summer. My doctor even warned me and said "I know you've been doing great, but just take it easy and be careful this summer. If you need IV fluids or you need to come in to see me sooner, just call! The heat absolutely irritates my body like no other.

Can you guys vomit silently? I have a fear of vomiting. Literally. It terrifies me. Plus, I rarely do. BUT if I throw-up, you better believe it's loud. haha

Do you sometimes feel better after a faint? I use to have hypotension, but I don't anymore really. I don't faint. 

Take care everyone :)

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