Sunday, March 18, 2012

...and it was a good weekend!

Hey friends - what a weekend filled with family and friends :) 
I'm always thankful for good times like that. 
On Thursday, I had my recurring appointment with my autonomic neurologist. It was SO short. 10 minutes I was in and then out. He ask how I'm feeling... I said actually pretty good. Still crappy days, but I can manage them. I received permission to increase or decrease my dosages as needed! Weird? Kinda. My main symptom is fatigue! All the others, yes, but the fatigue is overwhelming. My concern with my vitals in my blood pressure. He said to continue and monitor it and we will talk next time if it is still high. My diastolic(bottom) pressure number is always 98-120 and my top is usually normal-ish range. My average reading when standing are 129/106 and a heart rate of approximately 118. Let me tell you that having a high BP reading feels just as awful as when I had hypotension (low, low readings).

I have an allergist appointment in two weeks! Very excited. Like I mentioned before, I have seen three different allergy.immunology doctors, and they all had different diagnoses. I'm complicated with my health in ALL aspects, not just POTS. But truthfully, aren't we all? It's not that I want her (the new allergist) to find anything wrong, but I would love to find a trigger that I can avoid which can in return improve my over all health!

We will see! :)

Here are the questions for this week. 

Do y'all know any boys like us? I don't! I know "of people" from the online POTS world, but personally, I don't :/

What's your favorite "I'll get through this" song? "Keep it Together (Acoustic)" by The CO and Tyler Ward

Has anyone ever considered getting a service dog? You know, I really haven't. With my lifestyle, it just wouldn't work. Plus I don't pass out...

What is your favorite color? Oh man I don't have ONE favorite. I really like pastels, a deep purple-ish/pink and black+white.
My Question: Do any of you have narrow pulse pressures (the difference between your top number and bottom number... it should always be around 35-40) and does your diastolic (bottom number) ever get really high?

Thoughts going out to you all for a wonderful week!

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