Monday, March 12, 2012

Another week of being a busy potsy

Hey guys, do you find that being POTS ruins the idea of freetime for you? I swear I am either a) sick or b) busy as a bumble bee. I never stop unless my body MAKES me stop.

So this week, was another week of school, gym and homework. FUN! Kidding. I do like school and gym though but sometimes I wish I could just stop and take a break. Oh well. I have a Maths Test tomorrow on Financial and Data Analysis. A lot of you are saying POTS has made you worse at Maths, I find POTS made my English A LOT worse. Like this time last year, I couldn't read a page of a book.

Another thing, I got diagnosed a year ago like around this week (not sure of the actual date) I got officially diagnosed with POTS. That means I have known Hannah and Logan for a year when I "met" them on TDC shortly after I was diagnosed. So I just wanted to say thanks guys for sticking with me and putting up with me for that long!

I have musical practice tomorrow as well as the Maths Test so tomorrow shall be exhausting for me! I also fainted this after and came down on my hand so now that's sore.

Now onto the posts:
Logan: YES! It seems like you hadn't posted in forever. And I understand how hard it can be to have a shower. I always break it into three tasks: showering, shaving and hair washing. It helps for me. I HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER SOON! <3 <3 Feel free to email me anytime. :)

Do you have any bad habbits? My Mum said verbal diarhoea. I am very open minded, I tell my friends exactly what I think and don't sugar coat things. I also bite my nails.

Cheyenne: Hope that doctor provides answers for your issues?
How many of you have joint pain on a daily basis? (knees, elbows, shoulders, fingers, toes, wrists, ankles, etc.) And are you double jointed? I don't get joint pain on a daily basis and I am DEFINATELY not double jointed.

Emily: Has anyone ever considered getting a service dog?
They only give them to blind people in Australia I am pretty sure. labrador always helps me when I faint and pats me til I wake up and barks at me.

My question: What is your favourite "I'll get through this" song?

I love I'm still standing by Elton John, Maybe tonight, Maybe Tomorrow by Wide Awake, Brighter Days by Leeland, Skyscraper by Demi Lovato and Nightminds by Missy Higgins.

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