Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lonely Spring Break for me.

Hey y'all it's Michelle R subbing for Cheyanne today.
Well things are....different lately. I went bowling yesterday with my bestfriend, who I haven't seen in what feels like ages, so that was a blast. But my heart was racing the entire time and I'm pretty sore from lifting a 6lb ball for 6 games. OUCH!
Anyways, I'm pretty excited that I get to spend one of my days off from school at my new Cardiologist. WOO. -___-
But at least I have a book to read courtesy of my wonderful teacher >.< The Crucible makes my head hurt.
Oh and guess what there's a man in my life now. Well sorta. He walks me to class and says everything that us sick girls would like to hear, like "I'll take care of you." Blah blah blahhh. Hopefully he's not a liar. <3

I have no clue what is going to happen since my tachycardia hasn't ceased in like 2 weeks. I can just feel my heart beating through my chest all the time, it drives me bonkers. Luckily it's just at 112-121. I'm not sure if my BP has gone down at all since my parents refuse to buy a bp monitor. But I'm not sure what this new guy is going to do. I mean I had all the heart tests done except for a stress test, but everything always comes back normal. Perhaps he'll put me on a beta blocker or something like that. I just hope he's not a complete douche lord who makes me want to strangle him. He's not even a pediatrician, which is what I'm used to. ARGH it's just really stressful.
Let's do questions shall we:
Miranda: I have taken vitamins in the past such as, Vitamin D, melatonin, and ginseng. Did I feel a difference? Not really the melotonin did something for my sleep but I would still wake up in the night.
Emily:  As far as relatives go, I'm not sure they understand at all about what I go through and I usually don't bring it up. I don't even bring it up to my parents because they're just severely in denial of how severe my illness can get. So I'm pretty much in this with 50% of them.
Rhianne: That's a tough one. I believe my 10 year self would definitely not believe this is what our life has come to, but I think she would be proud that I'm in school still and doing well.
Logan: I have had this habit since I can remember. I bite my nails and I bite my skin all the time. It started with my nails, but since I rarely have anymore nail to chew I start at my skin and I bleed often. People tell me to stop, but it's impossible.
Cheyanne: I am not doubled jointed, but I do have joint pain every single day, and every place.
I'm not sure who posted on Monday but "My get through this" song would have to be "My Body" by Young the Giant. It completely just pumps me up and convinces me to never quit even if my body says otherwise.

My question: Do y'all know any boys like us? In all seriousness I would love to meet a guy who has the same issues as us or close to the same. Plus I'm a lonely gal :( haha

Well I hope you ladies have  a wonderful symptom free rest of the week. And I wish you luck on any up coming tests or doctor visits.
Michelle <3

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