Wednesday, March 21, 2012 self esteem went down to a 0.

One of my doctor diagnosed me with a form of arthritis. We don't necessarily believe him though because my blood work does not match up. My pediatrician told us to do the tests and if they still are not indicative of arthritis, then do not to follow through with the treatment. 

He also told me that I needed to swim, so my mom and I joined the YMCA. Today I went to use the pool that they have there for me to use and I swam 2 laps. I got so exhausted that I pretty much puked for as much as I can. I cannot actually throw up because of the surgery that I had. I could feel it, but it did not come all of the way up. I managed to hurt my hip because I guess I was not doing the correct type of motions for my joints. Now I have a lot of pressure in my hip area. 

Today I went to get my blood work and had 12 tubes of blood taken. O: 

Now to the questions...

My Question: Do you all feel like you are getting worse?
I feel like I am much better and much worse in different areas. My joints have definitely gotten worse. My POTS has been much better than it used to be. I have not blacked out in days. My pulse is only 102 standing! 

Michelle: Do y'all know any boys like us?
Hahahaha, I sent ya an IM for that question. :) 

Erin: Do you suffer from abdominal pain?
Yes, I do. I recently went gluten free and that pretty much took care of most of those problem. I would suggest you try it. 

Rhianne: What is your favorite "i'll get through this" song?
Mine is Still Breathing by Mayday Parade. Mayday Parade is an awesome band, so if you want to check them out go here. :)
Also....Do you sometimes feel better after you faint?
I have not fainted very much, but the last time I did I felt much better. 

Logan: Your post almost made me cry! It was such an eye opener. I would answer your question, but I cannot throw up so I cannot really answer it. 

I hope you all have a great week. :)
God bless!'

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