Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Launch operation lab rat...again

So guys, as this title suggests I am about to launch into more tests. I know I am getting a make shift tilt table test tomorrow at my doctors.

The reason:


At school....

In public...

Scaring people...

And usually injuring myself

My parents, my friends and my teachers are all worried I am going to "die" somewhere. Ie, collapse down some stairs and spilt my head open. I have fainted at school twice this week, Wednesday and yesterday (which was Monday in Australia). The joys of being a teenpotsy.

I think I have a bruise on my bottom from where I fainted yesterday. Argh! Rah! Blah!

Wednesday when I fainted everyone was really nice. Two guys offered to carry me and my friends sat on the ground with me so I didn't look so awkward. The deputy came and asked how I was and my drama teacher came and saw how I was.

Yesterday, I was walking to class alone. I fainted and I got yelled at when I went to stand back up. I got told I needed to see the first aid person and stuff. I was like, ergh! This is normal. The teacher yelled at me and said fainting wasn't normal and blah blah blah. I just told her I am going to Maths, have a good day, and went to class.

So tomorrow I have a doctors appointment, cheers to being a lab rat.

So my question for this week is: do you sometimes feel better after a faint?

Yesterday when I fainted I felt sick but then afterwards I felt so much better.

Anyway, that is my potsy week for you. I hope yours was better then mine. The definate highlight (well besides giving three minutes of my english speech before getting dizzy) was skyping with Logan and my brother comming in and asking about the pots in her brain.

Now onto the questions.

Now sorry I need to finish this post up and do my homework so I am just answering the questions.

Do y'all know any boys like us? Yeah I met a boy with bad CFS and headaches when I was in the hospital. I also know a boy with POTS.

What is your favoUrite coloUr? Yes in Australia both words have a u in them and I felt the urge to correct that. I like blue and green to be honest.

Do any of you have narrow pulse pressures (the difference between your top number and bottom number... it should always be around 35-40) and does your diastolic (bottom number) ever get really high? I have no idea. I sometimes have high BP though.

Bye for now

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