Friday, March 30, 2012


Hey peoples! Hannah here!

The past couple of days have been exhausting, I haven't slept in my own room the past two nights because of... (Ahhh!) Spiders! So, today my mom went clean crazy in my room (I love that woman, she's so sweet!) and declared it "Spider Free!" So, I am hoping to get a fair night's sleep :)

I also decided to take on a time consuming project. I've been on a "recycle crafts" kick and so today I worked on making a container out of old magazines. If you look up Magazine garbage can you will probably find it... That's where the idea came from but mine is much smaller and will probably function as a pen holder or other small things once I'm finished. I feel excited to be doing something productive!

One of the questions is in relation to what I was going to write about next and it's from Cheyanne: Do y'all feel like you are getting worse? Not necessarily. I'll explain :). For a while I felt like I was just going down hill, and end of March-beginning of April, after starting an SSRI, I felt great improvement. Then there were bumps in the road of course, but I was doing pretty well. A year later from my hospitalization in March of '11... I can say I am amazed by my improvement. However, I feel like after having much improvement, I am kind of stuck at my symptom level. But that doesn't mean it's going to stay there, and I hope it changes for the better. I don't remember if I posted about it on here, but supposedly (At least with some POTS patients) there is a "peak" in the symptoms, where you keep getting worse until you hit your peak, and then you start to get better. I think for those of you who are young-mid teens, you may reach your peak and then see improvement. I am not sure if that's what happened to me or not (I do believe this information was more based on POTS developed during puberty but not positive) because when I was 17 was when I started my SSRI, and the period when I went off an SSRI, I felt very horrible. But, no matter what it was, that "peak" thing can still serve as a hope. And even if that's not the way it will happen for all of us (still not sure it even happened for me- I kind of think at least a chunk of it was due to the SSRI) there is still hope because we grow to learn more about what we are dealing with and learn new coping strategies.

I owe God my deepest and sincere gratitude for the improvement I've seen. God is good!

I am also sorry to hear about things going on with you Cheyanne with the possible arthritis, etc. I find that interesting because POTS can be linked to autoimmune diseases, so perhaps that is something to continue looking into, or perhaps that just may be something you feel is already figured out!

On to s'more questions;

Erin: Do any of you have narrow pulse pressures? Yes! I do get narrow pulse pressure and it does not feel good so I am sorry to hear you are experiencing that as well as high blood pressures mixed in. What I do is I always salt (not a lot) and water (chug) (even if the bottom may be on a higher than normal side for me and top on a lower side) however, I am not sure if I'd be giving you bad or good advice to suggest that because of the highness of what your lower number can get too. Perhaps you could test run it when it is in the 90's on the bottom (I do believe I have done it in the 90's) if your top is lower and see what happens, however, you are a smart girl, use your discretion and be safe :)
Also, I am sorry to hear about your GI symptoms hitting you- I know that's yucky... I have no idea what my GI has been doing, suddenly seems like mine are changing up their game a bit! Maybe it's in the air? ;-) But seriously, I hope you feel better girl!

Logan: What was your favorite "ladybug" or moment of joy this week? Probably my parents' selfflessness in helping me be comfortable while my arachnophobic self steered clear of my room. Sweet question by the way! Also,  Can you guys vomit silently? I have vomited in some time, but I do not believe when I do that it is silent. I think I'm more of a dry-heaver at times.
I hope things continue to improve with your feeds. Every bit of progress counts! =).

Miranda, I do not believe you asked a question, but sorry to hear you are "Cardiologistless" for the time-being. I hope Dr.Grubb helps you tons! You see him in April right?

I am not sure who asked this question, but What is your favorite color? Lime Green :) Love it! Also, I'm sorry I'm not sure who posted (the lovely Francesca or one of our lovely subs maybe?) but I hope things with your testing helps with your day-to-day life for the better!

Rhianne: Do you schedule your time? No, haha. I think it's great that you can though! I usually just think "this is what I want to accomplish" and usually I only accomplish some of whatever it was!

Also, your question about Cain and Able, I'm going to give you a link to a site I love that answers that question; Click Here Also, always feel free to message me with questions, I don't mind one bit, I'm the type of person that loves those kind of conversations :)

My question: How do you guys do when you sit down/lay down to read? Random question I know, but I was wondering because, when I read, though I may find the book very interesting, because of being in such a still position (I assume), I start to dose off (as hilarious as that may sound) and then I'm fighting it like "Noooo I want to read this book!"...  Though sometimes I can read just fine! How about you guys?

You guys have a fabulous weekend :)
Until next time...

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