Friday, March 16, 2012

Hey ladies! Warning: This is going to be an unorganized post! It's Hannah here and I'm not even sure if it's by week to post, but thank you Rhianne, for reminding me :)

I am not doing well at the moment so I didn't read through the posts...Sorry ladies, but I am going to do my best on the questions below that I found.

Right now I am still kind of in a cycle, able to do things for a few days, then crash. And I feel like I am having like IBS or something... So, I've been having some new symptoms and some old ones coming back in other areas, such as certain types of headaches, etc. But thankfully the returning headaches don't seem as bad as before.

I have just been a busy bee... I've been studying scriptures, doing lessons from the online school I'm in and then spending my other time if I'm feeling well sitting outside or cleaning, or going to some stores, etc. and if I'm not feeling well, I've been spending it playing video games, being on my ipad or watching movies.

I do have good news though, I was able to go to one of my friends's birthday parties! I had two friends with parties two days in a row, I missed one from being too sick and made it to the second one (though I wasn't sure how long I'd last) and I was able to be there for around two hours. It was amazing to me... I basically sat on the floor the whole time with another friend watching them play wii, but it was so nice and I was excited I could be there for that friend and her celebration, even though I am disappointed I missed my other friend's celebration, but I get to see her this weekend, so it's all good! :). So ladies, especially for those of us who are really sick... There is hope! This time last year I was a couple weeks out of the hospital...So, there is progress to be made!

I have also "out-grown" my cardiologist, however, I am seeing a neurologist and a sleep neurologist? I am not sure what she is called- but basically the sleep specialist (there we go), who I see at a diferent pediatric institute than my cardiologist are referring me to another pediatric cardiologist, which is very stressful for me- because though I feel I am beyond the expertise of the cardiologist (who was unique in his kindness and compassion) I've been seeing- I am nervous to be starting a new journey of a doctor with new ways of treatment, etc. But I'll be trusting God to take care of me like He continually has.

(I hope I got these right!)
Michelle R: Do y'all know any boys like us? Not that I can think of, however, a while back, my mom had a phone conversation with someone we knew from somewhere from a while back before that (I hope this is making sense) and her son I think it was, had POTS or some form of Dysautonomia, but I'm pretty sure it was POTS.

Rhianne: What's your favourite "I'll get through this" song? Wow, I don't know if I can pick just one...There have been many but I think my most current one is probably I'll Watch You Dance by Holly Starr.

Emily: (I didn't get to read your post but I'm excited to see you posted on here!) Has anyone ever considered getting a service dog? Yes! There was actually a time when I thought I was getting one, but it fell through. I have since looked into it, but am waiting until I am in a bigger space because I have two small dogs. One an old man and one about to be a year old, and our older dog (who isn't mine) likes to camp with me a lot so I'm not sure I'd have any room left (I am sure I sound like an animal hoarder, lol! I'd love to see if it's possible to get instead of a service dog... a service pig! Yes, you read that right!).

Cheyanne: How many of you have joint pain on a daily basis? And are you double jointed? When I am off an SSRI- I get a lot of body pain. Some joint pain, but to say I get specifically joint pain on a daily basis I don't think would be accurate. Still, I get stiff, and I get weird pain and pain is weird places like my sternum, but joint pain is more "occasional." I am not double jointed/ hypermobile, but I have possible Fibro.

Logan: (I hope I have the right person who asked this question!) Do you have any bad habits? I again didn't read through posts to see the context for all the questions, so I'm not sure if this is in regards to health or in general, but yes! I suppose a bad habit of mine is not sleeping in the same place all the time. I go some nights sleeping in my recliner, and some nights sleeping in my bed- which isn't good to train your body to associate a certain place with sleep, but I spent (as most of us have) so much time in my bed for a couple of years, it just doesn't seem as comfy of a place anymore.

I hope all of you ladies, and readers, have a great weekend and week ahead!

Until Next Time...

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