Sunday, April 1, 2012

It's Sunday I'm in Love

Hi friends. 
I had an allergist appointment this past week. 
Surgery is in the works for my 95% obstructed nose & CT's were taken to look more deeply into my sinus cavities to see if there is other structural problems.
Has anyone had sinus surgery? I know it won't be too bad, and I'm just worried about it aggravating my POTS and start a flare up...

Also, they mentioned I am extremely sensitive. If you just barely scratch my skin, it raises or changes colors. The allergist/immunologist said it is dermographia.
Interestingly enough, I have always thought I have mast cell activation disorder and dermographia is an increase and sensitivity of mast cells. Also, mast cell activation is correlated with EDS and EDS is correlated with POTS. Whew... 
It seems like EVERYTHING is finally being connected :) 
It's so frustrating to have SO many symptoms.

My Question
Does anyone experience dermographia or mast cell activation disorder symptoms?

 Do you schedule your time?
I use my planner religiously, but I don't  schedule my "to-do list" ...only my appointments 
 I just always try to do too much. 
I hate not being busy. Even when I'm sick. 
  How do you guys do when you sit down/lay down to read? 
Oh my gosh, Hannah, I cannot stay awake for the life of me. I am desperate to stay awake and read Catching Fire but I always doze off. No matter if I'm sitting, laying, or what! I completely understand what you're saying.

Did any of you pull (or did someone pull) some good April Fools jokes today?
Enjoy your week!

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