Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I hate airboats!

I went on the boat with my family last weekend and to make a long story short there were a bunch of drunk people on airboats. Airboats are super loud! I never knew I had bad noise sensitivity, but all of the noise sent me into full body tremors/jerks. Some guy nearly backed his boat and truck into our boat as we were waiting to come in. Between the loud noise and my anxiety, I was a wreck.

I had to order special things to go in my shoes because I barely have any padding on my feet. I forgot what those "things" were called at the moment, so hopefully you know what I am referring to. When I walk you can hear all of the bones crunching. It is not a good sound at all.

My gastroparesis has been acting up the past few days. I can tell because I've had much more stomach pain than I have been the pain is up high. I've been a little more nauseated. And bloated.
hahahaha, I look like I am a few months pregnant. That is gastroparesis for ya. I am managing to eat, so it is not too bad this time. :) Mine goes and comes so much!

Oh and I am taking a guitar class now. Today I had my geometry midterm. My lovely school likes to wait to inform people about their exams the day before. Pretty lame, right? I was a bit nervous and I couldn't breathe very well in class because of it.

My Question: If you get tremors or jerks, what have you noticed sets them off?
Mine are set off by noise, sometimes pain, anxiety/nervousness, and I even get them if I am overly excited.

Hannah's Question: How do you guys do when you sit/lay down and read?
I do fairly well! The only problems I ever have is with my eyes. My eyes do not focus properly so most of the time everything gets really blurred.

Erin's Question: Does anyone experience MCAD symptoms?
All of my doctors ALWAYS want to bring this back up to me hahaha. When I had my colonoscopy done they found more mast cells in my intestines than there should be. They ruled out mastocytosis though.

Rhianne's Question: Do you schedule your time?
Not at all.

Finish the statement "you know you have POTS when?"

  • You know you have POTS when something falls in your house and everyone screams, "Are you okay???!"
  • When you go out in public and people think you are drunk or on something because you can barely walk straight. 
  • When you can get "sea sick" from experiencing the comfort from your own bed. (I heard that one from somewhere hahaha) 
I hope you all have a great rest of the week!!
God bless, 
Cheyanne :)

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