Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I'm gonna keep this short : / I had some bad sensory overload today and even after resting for a few hours I'm still not feeling good. I wanted to share these pictures with you guys though, for the first time since I was little I picked a bouquet of dandelions last week!


Are any of y'all going to prom? - Michelle
nope, I'm taking classes online instead of attending school/ But have fun for me!!!!

Do you know what caused your Dysautonomia? -Cheyanne

Does anyone suffer from sleep deprivation and what do you do to help it? - Christine
ALL the time, I really haven't found much to be helpful. Sorry. 
If you get tremors or jerks, what have you noticed sets them off? Cheyanne
Sensory overload primarily, but they can happen just randomly too.

P.S. I know how you feel with the motility problems. When I have them my belly looks just like that! 

My question - What do you do to avoid getting sick in the car? I wear a blindfold sometimes, and I often wear ear plugs. 
 - Logan 

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