Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My stomach is giving me fits!

I think I ate something that upset it or either it could be the medicine. Earlier this week my bladder wasn't emptying properly. I could barely pee. I could only release about 4 drops at a time. I missed school on Monday and headed straight to the doctor. I almost had to be cath'd, but after the doctor pressed on my bladder I was able to go a little more than I was. She decided to wait. By the next day I was nearly back to normal. We thought I had a UTI, so I had been taking antibiotics. Today they called and the culture came back negative. I stopped the medicine now. We guess that was all caused from dysautonomia. The remainder of my week pretty much consists of studying! I have to catch up on the work I missed and study for my dual enrollment test. I'm nervous about that one.

Christine's Question: Does anyone suffer from sleep deprivation and what do you do to help it?
I did! I could never stay asleep at night and it took me hours to even fall asleep. My autonomic specialist prescribed me Doxepin primarily for my sleeping (and pain but it doesn't help with pain). I do not know what I'd do without that medication. It definitely works. :) Also, I am sorry your gastroparesis got so bad! I know how that feels.

My Question: Do you know what as caused your dysautonomia?

God bless!

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