Sunday, April 22, 2012

What is causing your POTS?!

it's not nothing, it's SOMETHING

If a doctor has told you that you "just have POTS" or if you haven't yet found out what truly is causing your POTS, I strongly urge you to do so. Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome is a collection of symptoms. Symptoms... meaning just a group of problems that have no identifiable cause. There are many different things that can be causing your specific POTS, as everyone is so different.

A fellow POTSY and strong activist in the POTS community, Claire, wrote a wonderful post that I encourage you all to read and check out here. She spent much time on this blog post, and it is made so that you can print it off and take with you to an appointment in the future! :)

Personally, this is really important to me, as I just found out I have structural abnormalities in my heart and blood vessels - this has now been two years after my POTS diagnosis that this "new" problem is finally being identified and addressed.

No matter what is behind your POTS, find out! Push for answers. Only you know your body and something is causing these nasty POTS symptoms.


Cheyanne: So, does your doctor think you have Mast Cell Activation Disorder? I am so curious about that and think that is a great possibility for me as well... what is your symptoms like? I hope your hip pain can settle down and surgery can be avoided! :/ yikes. I know how crappy EDS pain is!

Michelle: Have fun at Prom! :) I am not going, lol, as I graduated HS in 2006. The memories are great and it's fun while it lasts, but mine wasn't "that great". As long as you can go for bit, if you have to leave early, at least you were able to go and take pictures and have that experience! I hope you had fun!

Logan: Girl, you are quite the photographer! Those are gorgeous :) To avoid getting sick in the car, I typically like to drive. I hate being the passenger. Weird? I feel as though the motion sickness is worse when I cant be in control and drive. I avoid driving (or being a passenger) if my symptoms are bad... I tried taking motion sickness pills, but nothing seems to help :/

Hannah: I hope you start to feeling a little less icky symptoms.  I find that if I don't have at least a little caffeine, I get nasty headaches! I try to have a cup of green tea everyday if my heart rate is not too high! I also try to massage the pressure point in my hand (between the thumb and pointer finger) , which sometimes can relieve it a little. I hope you find some relief!

Happy Sunday girls, hang in there...
It's almost May!


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  1. Helpful post Erin :) thanks! I look forward to reading that link!

    I am sorry yu are JUst finding out about these abnormalities, that sounds confusing to me because I am sure you've had echos! Unless they weren't looking for it or had to do a different test, but nonetheless, I hope you can have proper treatment and help for it <3, is it a "known" thing that there are treatments out there for it? <3 HUG

    Thanks for your sweet words and your answer! I forgot about that pressure. Point thing, I might need to be trying that again haha.