Wednesday, April 18, 2012

So excited for American Idol tonight!!

I don't know if any of you watch it, but it is the highlight of my week. :)

My bladder has been a little better. My pediatrician just called a few minutes ago. She thinks that mast cells may be contributing to my problem with that. Thankfully, I am actually able to go to the bathroom now.

I've been sick with a virus for over a week. Plus, I have had FCAT testing Monday and Tuesday. That was pretty stressful. On the 3rd I have my 3 hour geometry end of course test and on the 4th I have a college entrance test. Hopefully I can pass! 

On Friday I have my MRI. We are suspecting that my hips are not positioned in the socket correctly because everything is so loose that it doesn't want to hold it in. That could be why my knees and feet are turning in. I think I'd rather it be arthritis doing all of this. You can treat that. The only way to treat the other thing is surgery. We don't necessarily want that because it could set my dysautonomia off, like my last surgery did. 


Erin: I am so sorry to hear that you may need surgery! I'll be praying you won't need it. :( I just feel that there is a lot of other contributing factors for must of us than just POTS. Does anyone else agree or has anyone had similar experiences? I definitely agree! 

Michelle: Your dress is beautiful! Have fun at prom. :) Are any of y'all going to prom? I was going to because my boyfriend is a senior, but I couldn't afford a dress right now. And he didn't even care to go. I guess I'll have to wait until I'm a junior or senior. 

Logan: The dandelions are so pretty! What do you do to avoid getting sick in the car? Most of the time I am pretty good in cars. Car rides are my favorite! If I try to read, look out the window for awhile, etc. then I get a big headache and nauseous. So usually I put my headphones on and listen to music or talk and not read anything or look at my phone a lot.

Hannah: That stinks that you aren't doing well. I am sorry. :( What meds/supplements do you find helps with headaches? I take Excedrin without the aspirin in it. That does help depending on what is causing the headache. If I get a sensitivity headache, then that will not work. I usually don't take it being that most of my headaches are from light sensitivity.  

God bless. :)

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