Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hey Y'all

Hello! This is Michelle R. Cheyanne asked me to sub for her and here I am :)
Well some things have changed with me lately. I've been on Savella for the past month and I haven't really felt much of a difference pain wise, but I have lost all my Lyrica weight. haha
Anyways I've been experiencing high blood pressure, which I never had before, and my pulse has been 120 frequently. And my pulse never gets that high even when I exercise. So now I'm on Lotrel to help with that. I also haven't been able to not be nauseas. Everything I eat makes me super sick and my bowels are a wreck.
Luckily for me school is coming to end very soon and only 9 days til Spring Break!! And on June 2nd I'll be finished with school altogether. :3
I'm wayyy excited for that.
Anyone need a new book to read?
Try Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. It's an absolute masterpiece. I promise :)

My question is: What settles your heart rate the best?

Question time!
Christine: First off Hi, I'm Michelle Rivera :3 And Well it's kinda hard confronting my friends so I haven't really said much to them.
Emily: Hi Emily :3 Um brainfog for me kinda sucks. I get stopped in my tracks usually. And recently I've had trouble speaking. I have to stop mid sentence to correct myself and to slow my words down.  I just forget too many things often.
 I hope you all have a great week, it's almost friday :)
Michelle R. <3

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