Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy Friday!

Hey peeps! Hannah here,

There are some new things happening for me! I am enrolled in the online School of Biblical Evangelism (see, If you've ever seen Way of the Master with Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort, you may know what I am talking about... it has no deadlines, it's not accredited, but it's great. It teaches you how to evangelize like Jesus did, and my goal in life is ministry, so I cannot even begin to express my excitement :).

Aside from that, I don't remember if I posted about me seeing the sleep specialist, but I am suppose to start waking up earlier (and keeping a sleep diary) so I get tired enough I actually sleep at night. I am also suppose to try melatonin, my nurse called me and told me there was no evidence that they found that it should lower blood pressure, and that I should check with my cardiologist, I explained that there isn't much known on POTS itself, that I learned this from POTSy people. For me, I'm definitely not against taking it, I take it once every few months when I'm in a total crash from not sleeping, but it gives me a hangover and I usually only take it when I have a good blood pressure. But, I am going to try taking it on a consistent basis and see what happens :).

Otherwise, I am just hanging in there. I am in a bit of a flare right now, yesterday and today I've been waking up exhausted with pain and being POTSy. But there is still improvement from where I was this time last year, so- to count those blessings!

Question Time :)

Michelle K : I hope work and school is going well for you hun :) How inspiring that you are trying again! I am also sad to hear that you vomited after a 7-day free streak of it! Your questions were; Do you suffer from abdominal pain and if so, is it something that's been investigated, or is it just a POTS thing? I do, usually only when I am having issues with digestion. I find it is worse when I am dehydrated, otherwise, my biggest issues now (though in the past I had a lot more issues in that department) are acid reflux and esophageal discomfort, though there is some improvement with diet changes (like being gluten free) as well as when I can get nexium samples since our insurance won't cover it. Do you find yourself tempted to take on way too much even though you know realistically you shouldn't be doing so much? Yes! I usually start doing something with a goal and over-do it and then get too sick to complete the goal.

Erin: Hey, that's great that you are now getting your injections! Keep us posted! I am just realizing I may have missed one of your posts, I am sorry! What do you all take for colds (minus antihistamines and decongestants you can't take with your medication)? I haven't gotten a bad cold recently to really remember, but vaporizing machines are great, menthol rubs, teas, juices, honey, lemon, etc. I also love spraying eucalyptus oil for different purposes, but that's one it could serve! Also, you can try putting the menthol rub on your feet to help with a cough. I hope you get to feeling better!

Rhianne: You are back in school, yay! I am sorry though that you are having a difficult time physically! I feel for you! Your questions, How do you stop yourself from overdoing it? I am not sure I've figured this one out yet! Sometimes I just say, okay, I need to stop or I'm going to make myself sick. But really, I am not sure! Do your legs feel itchy when you have blood pooling? Yes! Sometimes that's how I know I'm having it, the itch is like a warning to me.

Cheyanne: Going gluten free at first is horrible! I agree! It wasn't until recently I started enjoying things again (in gluten free form) like spaghetti, donuts, stir fries, etc. You should send me a message, I might be able to throw some ideas your way. I still eat at McDonalds by the way, as far as I know their fries are gluten free (not positive) and I may eat a chicken sandwich or burger with no bun but with the fixings. Your questions, Does being on your period set your POTS off? Yes! My menstrual cycle definitely worsens my POTS, seems like it makes each symptom more worse. Especially stomach upset and dizziness, headache, which are probably the most annoying and more difficult. What's the highest heart rate you've gotten that you have been aware of? Honestly, I don't know. I have such poor memory I cannot remember. I know within the past few months, it getting into the 150's was scary for me simce it would happen when I walked. Also, my breastbone doesn't protrude, I think it's good that you are making sure it isn't Marfans and not just EDS characteristics.

That is it for the questions, and my question is, What is your favorite, "I'm sick but I need out of the house," activity? mine is probably going through a drive-thru or going in my wheelchair to a small store.

Have a lovely weekend :)

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