Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tomorrow Is A New (And Busy) Day!

Hello everyone! I should really start posting earlier in the day, so the posts aren't so short and I'm not so worn out, but here it is.

This week has been, yet again, a whirlwind. Between classes, homeschool, feeling bad and a looking at houses, I can't wait until Saturday! Tomorrow is going to be a very hectic day for me; my school is having its annual spaghetti feed/auction. The choirs will be performing during it and I have a solo, so I will be running back and forth, as I also have to help serve the food with my fellow NHS members. At least we have a three day weekend, so I’ll be able to recover somewhat and make the video that I've been postponing.

I did post on my blog, if you'd like to see a somewhat more detailed post. I'll skip to the questions now.

Logan: I’m fine with the new girl. That’s awesome that you found her!

Rhianne: Analyze your health is a holistic way. I have no idea what you mean by that.

Cheyanne: Good luck at your appointment! Your question was: do you have any sweating issues and if so what kind of deodorant do you use? I usually don’t, unless I have a hot flash. I use Dove Powder Fresh (I think) mainly because I can’t have something strong scented without giving me a migraine. I know there are some clinical strength deodorants that you could try.

Until next week, Miranda.

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