Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sick And Stressed

These next few months are going to be crazy! I've been sick pretty much all week, so that's not a good start, but I do have some good news: we might have found a new house! It's absolutely gorgeous and literally like 20 yards away from a farm. I've had migraines off and on all week, I think it was stress that triggered them then sensory overloads made them worse. And since I have all of these lovely health problems the only thing I can take is Ibuprofen for both my cold (I think it's a cold) and migraines.

Tomorrow I'm going to be working with my Algebra II teacher, so she can tutor me and get me back to the rest of the classes pace. On a side note, the weather for the past few days has been amazing. But with nicer weather comes allergies, so I'll have to start taking my allergy medicine again.

Anyway, I don't have much more to update, so I'll move onto the questions.

Cheyanne: What is your preferred exercise? I don't have one, since I don't really exercise, but during the summer I like to swim.

Rhianne: What subjects are compulsory for you? Because I'm getting the highest diploma my school offers I have to take English (4 years), Math (4 years, including pre-calculus), Science (4 years, at least 3 have to be labs), Foreign Language (2 years, but I'm doing 3 of German), Bible (4 years), Understanding the Times (it's like world religions), History (3 years), Fine Arts (2 years), Electives (2 years) and there's a few more that I'm forgetting. For my senior year (3 more months!) I'll be taking some classes at my local community college,

Hannah: Any advice for trying to form a good sleeping habit, without 'killing' yourself in the process? Nope :) I have the same problem.

Until next week, Miranda

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