Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The dimension of health

So nobody understood my question from last week so I shall explain it right here, right now. By viewing your health in a holistic way you are taking into account all the dimensions of health which is physical, social, spritual and emotional. Physical is how your body is working and all that stuff. Social is your ability to maintain relatinship. Spritual, having a place in the world. And emotional is the way you deal with situations and so forth.

So do you guys get my question now?

My week has been pretty boring. I just go to school, gym, homework, bed, I apologize for the fact that it is boring haha.

I guess I will go onto the questions:

Logan I am fine with the person joining the blog if she wants. I am thinking that until Francessca wants to come back we should just alternate subs on that day? So like Michelle and Tonya

 Do you all have any of the sweating issues and if so what kind of deodorant do you use? Yes, I sweat ridicolous amounts at the back of my knees and I always feel sorta sweaty. I use a rexona hypergellic once.

Hannah: Stay up for as long as you can then get as little sleep as possible, wake up at a normal time, do lots during the day and then go to bed at a normal time that night.

From my Mum who is a teacher and wants to know the answer: what subjects are compulsory for you?
In 7,8,9, 10 maths, science, history, geography and english were all compulsory now I am a senior the only compulsory subject is English

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