Friday, February 10, 2012

Sleepy Sleepy

Hey guys! I'm a few hours off, but I thought that it's better late then never, right? My sleeping schedule is incredibly messed up, so I've been going to bed really early. I'm still having issues with joint/all over pain, but that's generally manageable unless it's raining or something. And as usual, my life is pretty boring, so I'll jump to the questions. :)

Logan: I miss you too! I'm always forgetting to skype you; but that brings us onto your question, which was: how do you cope with bad memory? As you can probably tell, I don't really cope, I just kinda go with it.

Rhianne: How do you rate your days? I usually rate them on a 1-10 scale, 1 is no symptoms (which is never) and 10 is pretty much unresponsive (which I have been like before). And do your legs feel itchy when you have blood pooling? They don't really feel itchy when I have blood pooling (they're always itchy!) but I get like this numb pain.

Hannah: What is your favorite "I'm sick but I need out of the house," activity? It's usually just going to school (lame, I know) or going with my mom to the grocery store.

Cheyanne: What is the highest your heart rate has ever gotten that you have been aware of? I think around 220-ish. Mine goes really high sometimes.

Michelle K: Do you find yourself tempted to take on way too much even though you know realistically you shouldn’t be doing so much? Yup! I do dumb stuff like that all the time, then regret it, but can't back out.

My question: Do you have a normal sleeping schedule? 

Until next week, Miranda

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