Friday, February 17, 2012


Hey guys! I am terribly sorry but I didn't really read through your posts (besides what I had read earlier this week) because I've got me a case of vertigo.

I've been getting sick a lot lately. Aside from being able to do activity for a few days then crashing, I keep getting a virus, over and over again, I think I've had it two to three times now. I know it's a virus because my mom keeps getting it, my dad now has it and her daycare kids keep getting it. So maybe I should lock myself in my room with my windows open to let all the nasty germs out until everyone quits getting sick- haha.

This sleep schedule stuff is really messing with my immune system I think. I notice that when I do not allow myself to sleep in to make up for lost sleep the night before- or when my insomnia is just outrageous for me- I get sick. I can usually know right around the time too, just based on how long I haven't been sleeping 'good'. And that concerns me with this sleep stuff because I am allowing myself to sleep when sick, but then I have to almost start all over- and then I get sick again, and the cycle continues haha.

So my question for you guys is; Any advice for trying to form a good sleeping habit, without 'killing' yourself in the process? 

I know, I had a short update- sorry, hopefully next time I'll feel up to a better post :).


Miranda: Do you have a normal sleeping schedule? No- haha. I am *trying* really hard to get into one though, a goal would be to be able to be asleep by 9 or 10 and up by 8 or 9.

Cheyanne: Do you all have any of the sweating issues and if so what kind of deodorant do you use?
I am going to have such an unladylike answer to this question! YES! I am constantly wiping sweat from my underarms and complaining about the foul odor. It's not even like a normal odor either- again, I know this is so unladylike. I am into using natural things- so I don't use antiperspirants, or things with aluminum I believe it is? I use either homemade deodorant (hoping to try a recipe Logan shared with me!) or as natural as I can get- like Tom's brand- however, it doesn't stop the sweating, it just is an attempt to cover the odor.

Logan: I am totally fine with it if you ask the woman from your Church about joining our blog :).
 How do you cope with bad memory? What tricks do you do to help yourself memorize things? I wish I had a good answer! Honestly, I think the biggest thing is exercising my brain- reading even when I forget what the last page said (even the last sentence) and doing things that make me think- Like right now with my worksheets, they have questions, and I have to look back over what I read to find most of the answers, that is a good exercise for me. Other things are memory games online. And if it's information you are trying to remember- like a history lesson, a study, etc. I am a note-card fanatic. I am trying to memorize the ten commandments- and eventually the reference to each and the complete verse to each- so they are posted on note cards on my wall in front of my recliner. 

I know you are into Bible studies, etc. So some good websites where you can read some information packed pages, without having to sit down and read a whole book are;, and, or RZIM might be .org, I cannot remember! My brain tonight- Ahhh! I think Beth Moore even has some on her website, which I can't remember either- but google should help you find it if you're interested!

One more thing- I Highlight, Highlight, Highlight, Mark, Mark, Mark... Whenever I am reading something :).

Rhianne: Do you have a scale you rate your days on? I don't but I LOVE that idea- might be a good help to journal it too, since Doctors ask a lot for journals of symptoms!
Analyze your health in a holistic way (mental, physical, social, spiritual). I am not entirely sure how to answer this question! I do not cling to holistic medicine, however, I do like that with holistic treatment, more natural remedies are used. I am a follower of Jesus, and I strive to be healthy in all of these ways, spiritually- by clinging to God, physically, by taking care of the temple God gave me (my body) and I feel I could improve in this area by eating more vitamin and nutrition packed foods. Socially, I am pretty isolated right now with my health- however, I am learning to be more social with my illness by allowing friends to come see me even on my bad days (and it seems like I keep making "friends" in random stores!) though I do have my social anxieties. Mentally, I feel this intertwines with how I am in my relationship with Christ- through my relationship with God, I am working on my mental hang-ups! I hope this was an understandable answer with how my brain is functioning tonight :).

 Until next time...
Feel good!!!!

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