Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be my valentine?

So guess what guys? I was going to make a video today. I put on a pretty pink dress to make a valentine's
day video, I filmed it and my iPod decided to be evil and it was out of sync. You guys miss seeing me in a pretty dress.

My week has been been alright. Wednesday, I went to my friends house with all my friends. We all chipped in for food but it was the sort of thing I don't eat. We went in the pool and then I decided to eat some dorritoes then I ended up choking and throwing up in my friends bushes.

Friday I went out for dinner and I walked the dogs. That night I was really sick and woke up at like two and went back to sleep at five. I think I spent an hour of that lying on the bathroom floor and another hour talking to Hannah. :)

Saturday and Sunday I did regular stuff. Yesterday I was really sick in the afternoon and didnt do any work in class so I had lots to catch up on plus homework so I had to wake up early and do more. GREAT!

I also signed up for the musical. I don't know how it I will go in it.

The questions:

Logan: How do you cope with bad memory?? Like what tricks do you do to help yourself memorize things? I make a to do list for everyday so I dont forget to do things. I revise work constantly and never stop learning and keep my mind active with things like sudokus.

Do you have a normal sleeping schedule? HAhaha, no. I wake up early and go to sleep early. I am a grandma. :)

My question is to analyse your health is a holistic way, (so mental, physical, social, spritual)


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