Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Getting myself some education.

I will start with the posts before launching onto my week. (BTW, what do you guys think of the new pretty layout? Tell me if you want anything to change).

Cheyanne: I related when everyone else was sick and you just thought your Gastroparesis was acting up. I think I've done the same in the past.

You asked what is the highest you know your heartrate has been? I don't know where Mum put my medical folder so I can't let at stress tests, halter monitors and stuff. I have seen it on my hospital charts in the 240s though, when I have been really unwell and they have done posturals. 240s is just ridicolous.

Hannah: what is your favourite i'm sick but need to get out of the house activity? Playing the backyard with the dogs. :) does the backyard count as being out of the house?

My question: Do you have a scale you rate days on?
I try to keep track of how many A (normal person) B (slightly strange but really good) C (typical day) D (Bad POTS day) E (ARGH! I HATE MY LIFE! I CAN"T WALK! MY LIFE IS OVER). I haven't had a E day in ages, I am bouncing between Bs and Cs at the moment which is okay.

My week is that on Wednesday I went downtown with my friends (I only have two periods on Wednesday). They had all you can eat pancakes and I just had a milkshake. We went via the toyshop and the library. Extension English was good that day!

Thursday, can't remember really what I did. On Friday my Dad was my casual teacher for double biology and I counted 3794 grains of rice with my friend. I hate you Dad! Kidding but I am not letting you live that down.

Saturday, my friend was having a sleep over because one of my friends is leaving school to do a course in hospality. So there was a going away party. I managed to go for a few hours but it was hard.

Sunday, I helped clean out the garage a bit and did some homework. The usual.

Yesterday, I went to school, then I went via my friend's house and saw all her puppies they are gorgeous. I love dogs. :) Then I went to the gym, where I worked out and got fit.

Today, I went to the library after school then hung out with my friends (one who was on her lunch break).

Tomorrow is Wednesday again so I only have two periods, I will probably go to my friend's house and swim his pool with some of my other friends. And we will probs get milkshakes. I love milkshakes haha.

Wait I almost forgot, last Friday I managed to do an obstacle course in Drama BLINDFOLDED. I was being helped by my teacher and my friend but I still managed to do it. I only sorta tripped once.

LOGAN! YOU BETTER POST TOMORROW! (btw my brother saw the video of you putting the tube down your throat and thought it was a magic trick. lol.)

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