Sunday, January 1, 2012

Run! Forrest! Run!

I have been running a lot this week, either at the beach (I will make a beach video for you Logan!) or on wiifit. I can run for about half an hour on wiifit and 15min on the sand and I recover within minutes.

My week has been good. I have mostly just stuck around the house and played wii and stuff. On NYE I had my friend over and we had a barbeque at our house with a few families then after that finished up we went to another friend's party. He is spanish and a lot of the people there was. It was fun, the food was good and so was the vibe.

Then New Years Day I just hang around home with my friend before Mum and I dropped her back at her campsite, where we went for a swim in the river and sat around talking for awhile.

Oh yeah, I also went Boxing Day shopping on the 27th? I got a t-shirt, skinny leg black jeans, two cds (Lady Antelbellum and the Warblers) and a skirt. We also got some Christmas decorations because ours are getting worse for wear.

There was only one question this week which was from Miranda who asked if we have any new years eve traditions? And not really. For the last two years we have gone to the Spanish guys house, so I guess that is sort of a tradition.

Thinking of a question...



Okay, what is your favourite summer activity?

Mine is hanging at the beach, running, reading, watching movies and hanging with friends.

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