Friday, January 20, 2012

Your Every Other Friday Host :)

Hannah here, Hey lovely people!

I feel like I can't quite remember this week- Ha! I think I mostly hung around in my recliner, crocheted and watched Way of the Master and other videos on youtube. I'm expanding my brain's horizons ;-)

Ever since I spent a whole day cleaning in my basement, was it two weeks ago now? I feel like I am still in recovery from that. I've been having more body pain than usual, more painful headaches, but it's probably sinuses because everyone here seems to complain of a headache-lol- and some GI weirdness.

But I'll go ahead and answer the questions;

Erin: What are all of you girls allergic to? Foods, outside and all? Do you avoid EVERYTHING that you are sensitive to or what is your coping mechanism for allergies? Medicine, etc? Haha, I'm wondering how to answer this question because... I am  allergic to A LOT outside plus dust, cockroaches, etc. Food wise, I reacted badly to iodine during a CAT scan as a child so I am suppose to avoid seafood, however, I had like half a shrimp around Christmas and nothing happened from it unless of course I couldn't discriminate it from my other symptoms. I believe I have a sensitivity to gluten because when I eat it, it causes me to have pain in my esophagus/ increased acid reflux symptoms and I think it contributes to other gastrointestinal problems. As far as what I do; I used to be on Singular but it caused my limbs to feel numb so I took myself off of it (Caution to the readers: It's not the wisest to take yourself off a medication depending on what it is, so be sure to check with your doctor and use caution), otherwise, I just try to avoid things that make me feel bad and I occasionally take Clariton. Also, the fear of vomiting must be pretty common, I always thought I was crazy because of how afraid of it I am and have been- lol.

Rhianne: What is your favorite POTS/Dysautonomia video? Y'know, I am not sure- but I may just second the video you posted (plus my pic-a-ture is in it:).
 What is your family's approach to alcohol? My parents don't drink that I know of, my Dad is willing to let us try it but does not necessarily advocate it. Of course, both of my siblings are adults in their twenties so they decide for themselves. I know both of my parents are against getting drunk. For personal convictions I don't want to try alcohol besides for medicinal uses, but aside from that- I am terrified of it because of my POTS...Oh, just thinking about what it could do to my POTSy body feels dreadful! That's interesting though that your body didn't have a reaction to it! I am so surprised!

Also, about your running, I seem to be the same way with my biking on the recumbent bike. One day I may be able to bike like crazy and the next day I have to force myself to even get to a quarter of a mile. I think it's how our body's adjusts or recovers or something.

That's so cool that your mom stayed by Steve Irwin's zoo! I really need to come to Australia, I keep telling my parents how much I want too :).

Cheyanne: Happy Late Birthday Girl! I hope you enjoyed your laid-back day :). Your question(s),  Do you hyperventilate a lot? Honestly, I'm not sure that I understand what hyperventilation is. I do have random periods of trouble breathing that can be mixed with tachycardia but I am not sure if that is hyperventilation or not. Sorry! And, How many of you are eating gluten-free and when you went gluten-free did it improve your symptoms? I am eating gluten free :) My gastrointestinal symptoms definitely improved, and when my GI issues are lessened, it seems to have a domino affect :).
Congratulations on getting your permit, thats so exciting! :) I haven't gotten mine yet basically because I am also afraid to drive... I am afraid because I brown out- have issues with visual perception, etc. but I know being a POTSy and driving is POSSIBLE, let's just look at Erin for example, Erin, you can be our inspiration for attempting to drive! :).

Michelle R: Michelle, you didn't have a question but turning 18 is so exciting! :) Also, that's stinky that you are concerned with your lyrica. I know especially as females it's easy for us to get concerned with our physical appearance and weight, but girl, if you are eating healthy (and it seems you are), don't worry, your body will be healthy (putting Dysautonomia aside, of course lol) :). And you are incredibly gorgeous :).

Miranda: Do you procrastinate? Yes! And it is a downfall on many days! Aside from when my health cannot be my excuse, sometimes I feel like I procrastinate simply because I am lacking in the energy department! But even when my energy wasn't an issue, I did indeed, procrastinate. That's something I am working on.
What do you guys do for joint pain/stiffness? Ah, I wish I had a good answer, my SSRI definitely helps, but aside from that- really the only thing I do is use home-made rubs with essential oils that have menthol qualities like Eucalyptus, Rosemary, etc. Of course, since this is the internet, I want to advise anyone new to the use of essential oils that; they are for external (don't eat them!) use only (I sound like I'm on an advertisement) and they need to be diluted in carrier oils such as olive oil or almond oil, etc.

Alright lovely ladies and fabulous readers, have a great weekend and keep smiling :)
I just wanted to add; since Michelle R and I are doing every other week together, if you guys would like to keep up with my Dysautonomic self, feel free to check out my blog!;

Until Next time :)

Hasta Luego!

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