Friday, January 6, 2012

It's 2012!

Hey guys, its your every other Friday host, Hannah! I forgot the Friday before Christmas to post, hard to believe right?
I glanced through the other posts, I'm sick tonight so I didn't read through them too well, sorry guys.
My Christmas was good! I was able to do quite a bit the Friday before Christmas (went shopping with my mom then was out late that night), then we had company Christmas Eve morning, then I went to my uncle's, then to my grandfather's. On Christmas day I went to see my grandmother in the nursing home (she has Alzheimer's) and then to my cousin's Christmas dinner, and then to my grandfather's again. I was shocked that I was able to do so much!

New Years day I wasn't feeling so well, but my grandparents on my dad's side came to visit and that was very fun, we celebrated our Christmas with them then, too :).

Today, I am not doing well, I have a stomach virus so I'm like, Bleeeeh. It's so weird though, I almost never throw-up. I'll get the dry-heaves but I won't throw up. I usually end up wishing I could vomit just to get some relief but yet I'm terrified of it, because I'm worried if I do, then my Dysautonomia will be like, Hey! Let's make Hannah throw up all the time! I suppose that is my question, I know Logan and Michelle K have issues with vomiting, and Rhianne at times, but does anyone ever feel like they can't vomit when they are sick? It's a blessing and a frustration all at the same time- because the sickness takes forever to leave then haha.

Okay, question time, I hope I didn't miss any! There didn't seem to be too many from too many girls! But I am going back a couple weeks <3.

Rhianne: What did you get for Christmas? I got a recumbent bike :) I can go slow on it for about a half hour before I start feeling sick. I made it to two miles one day in about thirty minutes! I was so excited! I also got some clothes, curtains from my sister, and some survival stuff (I think I might be a borderline survival nerd. If I could, I would love to go put it into practice). And some other odds and ends. I am truly BLESSED!
What is your New Year's resolution? To be honest, I don't have one! I've thought about it but really, I always forget them- but in general, I strive for a deeper relationship with the God I serve, and more health! What is your favorite summer activity? Hmmm...Before getting sick, it would totally be swimming. Since getting sick, just sitting outside and watching the kid's play. :).

Miranda: Do you ever feel like there is a subwoofer in your body? To make sure I am understanding your question, I think you mean like vibrating or pulsating through the body...And yes I do get that, especially when I am dehydrated more than usual. Do you have any New Year's traditions? Before I was too sick, I'd always have friends over, now- not really anything other than staying up to watch the ball drop :). Do you get the hiccups a lot? Only when my acid reflux is bad. I wish I had a remedy to give you other than treating your acid reflux the best you can. There are home-remedies for that if you would like me to dig into my books and send you some, I know you, just like me are having a difficult time having your acid reflux adequately treated. <3.

Cheyanne: What is a fun way to spend your birthday when you have a chronic illness? For my 18th birthday, I just had two close friends over for lunch, and we were on the couch the whole time. I know when you are younger, it is harder to settle for those kinds of birthdays. I have had some bad experiences with parties and my sickness personally, so I am hesitant to have parties BUT everyone's different with how they tolerate things. If you think you can handle a sleepover, you could have a few understanding friends over. Or have a bunch of friends over but keep it structured so that people have to leave within a certain time, that way you can have a cut off. For me, I can usually hang out with people for about 1-2 hours before I start getting too worn out. An idea there is to go out to lunch or have a Birthday movie, etc. etc. Be creative though, and do what you feel is most comfortable for you, and don't feel bad for what you cannot do. <3.

Also, We should totally be "BIKE BUDDIES!" that's so cool that you got a stationary bike! and you go girl with the speediness, that's awesome :).

I see that some of you ladies are exercising more and I am proud of you all. I know it's hard to push through symptoms to do something that is suppose to help those symptoms in the long run.

I hope ALL of you ladies are doing well <3 

Have a GREAT weekend :)


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