Sunday, January 8, 2012

First Sunday Post of 2012

Well Happy Sunday Friends :) 
Boy, it sure has been a long time since I have last posted. 
Last week was New Years and the week before was Christmas Day.
Sundays have been quite eventful to say the least!

Christmas was just fine and dandy. I spent Christmas Eve with my boys family and all Christmas Day with my family. It's the usual routine that we have set. Pretty relaxing holiday break!
My symptoms have been pretty good, minus the continued breathing, sleeping patterns, and joint pain.

 I have a lot of doctors appointments coming up this January-April!
This week I have an appoitment (my third one) with a Pulmonologist. This is the third one I have been to, but the best in Nebraska. So we will see what's going on.

Later this month, I have a sleeping test and a narcolepsy test all day following.
Interesting Fact: The sleep specialist is highly intelligent. She did a lot of research on Ehlers Danlos and Dysautonomia and said that the second leading cause of sleep apnea is a connective tissue disorder like EDS. We will see how that goes later this month!

My last two appontments are in March and April and are a follow up with my Autonomic Neurologist (every 4months) and an appointment with an allergist. The reason I have SO many appointments, despite the fact that I have been seen by multiple of these specialists before, is because this hospital is one of the best in the whole midwest. They like to do their own testing and research, so it's pretty much like I am getting a fresh start :)

That's what's new in my health area of life. I will keep you all posted!!

Now for the questions...

What did you get for Christmas? 
I got a crock-pot for easy cooking and a new heavy duty smoothie maker :) My old one was giving out! I also got a new knife set for cooking that I needed so badly. The ones I was using were so flimsy it was rather pathetic. I also got a new pair of TOMS and some warm PJ's :)
What is your New Year's resolution
Honestly, just like Hannah, I really don't have a resolution. I want to try and eat healthier and attempt to cook all homaide meals. I really want to practice and gain better cooking skills!
What is your favorite summer activity?
Hmmm...Before getting sick, it would totally be swimming. Since getting sick, just sitting outside and watching the kid's play. :).

Do you ever feel like there is a subwoofer in your body?

Yes, I do get that feeling. Especially  pulse like feeling that Hannah referred to. It comes on mainly when I have attempted to be active or did a lot of maneuvering.
Do you have any New Year's traditions?
Nope. I wish. That would be fun.
This year I stayed in my apartment and lived vicariously through the excitement that people were portraying through the television. So exciting, huh?
Do you get the hiccups a lot?
OH MY GOSH. I am called hiccup girl. It's really not that bad, but I usually hiccup every single gosh darn day for the past 6 years! That is crazy that you say that you do too. Doctors don't even understand why this happens to me. It doesn't even sound like a typical hiccup either. They are really high pitched. Nothing makes them go away. I do have reflux very badly, but it has been controlled by intense meds.

What is a fun way to spend your birthday when you have a chronic illness?

I'm a loser, honestly. I do not like sleep overs and I like to have my me time when I don't feel good. For my birthdays, I don't really do much anymore. I would recommend doing something small and simple, and a time frame is an excellent idea - I agree Hannah! Sometimes people don't know when to leave or can't tell when you aren't feeling well or if it's been "too much". A time frame is an easy way to just eliminate the confusion. Also, my problem with birthdays is I always tend to get disappointed as I think I expect them to be so fun and happy. I also get let down, so I have learned to really not expect to much and sometimes just the littlest things that you do can turn out to be the best of times!!

Does anyone ever feel like they can't vomit when they are sick?
ME! ME! ME!!!!
Are we experiencing the same exact thing? I CANNOT vomit. I, too dry heave but but for the life of me, it is ever so difficult to throw up. Needless to say, I am utterly terrified of puking and the thought of it scares me, but I have never been able to! I hate that I sit and suffer with awful pain at times and I know I have to puke, but I just cant. I totally understand you feelings girl. It's awful.

My Question
What are all of you girl allergic to? Foods, outside and all? Do you avoid EVERYTHING that you are sensitive to or what is your coping mechanism for allergies? Medicine, etc?

Take care ladies! 

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